Friday, January 8, 2016

Feeling Playful....The New Look of The Little Yellow Corner Store

It is a new year and I am feeling a little playful and creative at The Little Yellow Corner Store.  So much so that I now decided it was time for me to experiment with my blog and learn a whole bunch in the process.  After all, with the many capabilities at one's fingertips to play with the blog's design, it is so much more exciting to change it out and really learn some of the elements that go into blogging, like incorporating vector graphics from the huge assortment available, designing your own banner and learning about pixel sizing, etc.

So to begin with, I realized through the help of a wonderful friend and blogger, that the name of my blog didn't really harmonize with the previous banner which included a log cabin, an autumn setting and a Victorian filigree element. Therefore, I thought the blog's design should be as whimsical as the name and it ought to convey a more jolly and lighthearted feel.  However, I needed to keep a few factors in mind.

First and foremost, the purpose of my blog, along with meeting great friends and fellow bloggers, is to exercise and stretch my imagination and dreams in ways that I could not before.  I see my blog as a way to challenge myself and grow creatively.  As a result, my first factor in considering my new blog design, stemmed from a bit of a dream that I had when the name was first chosen.  The name, The Little Yellow Corner Store, is part of desire I had long ago to own a charming brick and mortar and/or online gift store and, at one time, was a store that my daughter and I had for a short time on E-bay.  So choosing this name again, in a way, was an opportunity for me to "live out" my fantasy even though the result was only that of a dream in my blog.   

So with the name and purpose (real and unreal) established, the creation of the blog's personality began.  Of course, the color of sunny yellow was used again, not just to coordinate with the name of the blog, but because it is also a happy, jovial color.  In addition, the background was changed to a more humorous pattern.  The banner, which I designed myself, includes the darling, cheery little yellow corner store.   I hope you will agree that the blog is by far much more bright, fun and frolicsome.  As I continue to research other tools in blog design, I will continue to add, subtract or change it all together so that I may perfect it to the look I had hoped to achieve. (The fun is all in the learning!)  So come along with me for the ride that will be imaginative as well as adventurous!

I welcome any of your comments or feedback and hope you will continue to enjoy visiting The Little Yellow Corner Store.

Vivaciously yours,


PS.  Please be assured that I will continue to post my articles at the same time the blog is being redeveloped.  So stay tune for more ideas.  


  1. Yellow is a happy color. I love the little bee. I think it looks great.

  2. Thank you Donna. It is sure fun selecting and learning the process. I never knew redesigning the look of my blog would be a lot like redecorating a room. Have a pleasant weekend.

  3. Yippee! You done good Marsha :)

    You're right, it's far more 'happy' and in keeping with your vision. So glad you're having fun too!


  4. The new look is adorable. I wish I was better at understanding how to do these things. I have a friend that helps me with my blog design. You did a great job!


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