Monday, June 14, 2021

A Bold, Striking Summer Magnolia Tablescape Inspired by Nature

Welcome friends.  Have you ever found yourself being inspired to design something just from the simple act of sitting on your front porch and observing nature?  By taking in some calm of the day, there is an opportunity to watch the behavior of some busy, colorful birds during their meal time or an adorably cute fuzzy bunny that seems to hesitate from hopping to take in the breeze and twitch his nose.  Or it could be the fresh, newly budded trees that display their bright flowered glory.  Whatever it may be that comes from nature, it can set the wheels in motion for a beautiful summer tablescape.

First, I am happy and honored to announce that Rita from the uniquely creative blog, Panoply, will be our new host for this and future tablescape blog hops.  Rita is kindly resuming the position of host that Ms. Chloe Crabtree from Celebrate and Decorate held the past several years.  Join me by welcoming and thanking her as she hosts the first blog hop, Summer Tablescapes, on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Be sure to visit on this day and say hello to each of the participating tablescapers (listed below), who have artfully designed some new and stunningly beautiful summer time tablescapes.  

As I prepared to participate in this hop, I knew that this year's summer tablescape needed to be bold and needed to stand out and grab one's attention.   Perhaps this decision is a symbolic way of celebrating the progress and freedom that has been made to eradicate the virus and return to some of the happy social engagements.  It also is the result of finding some strikingly vivid black and white magnolia flower fabric which caught my eye while browsing in the store.  One look at this undeniably visual fabric, I knew it would make a stunning table topper. that would leave a lasting impression.  

Although we do not have a magnolia tree in our yard like the magnolias in the black and white table topper, I can say we do have something just as beautiful to inspire my summer tablescape----white flowering crab apple trees.  When in full bloom, these gorgeous trees look as if they are covered with heavy snow and contrasts noticeably against the fresh green grass and other trees.

The Summer Magnolia Tablescape captures the same contrast of the white and green colors of these trees.  

Even the bees think so too...................

Similarly, today's Chicken Pot Pie replicates the idea of being inspired by nature.

A slice of this savory pot pie with it's delicate, buttery crust is served on the simple, but elegant, Nikko Gold Filigree dinner plate.  

And a cold, refreshing sweet tea is served in these vintage gold and sage green glassware.


I hope you enjoyed browsing through A Summer Magnolia Tablescape and are as inspired by nature as I.  

And now.....for the most captivating summer tablescapes of the season, please relax and take pleasure in viewing the following blogs in the Summer Tablescape Blog Hop 2021 and savor the warm and sunny days of summer.  

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  1. Your tablescapes always stand out. Lovely

  2. Marsha, the magnolia fabric you used is stunning! Your crab apple trees are so lovely in bloom, and I love your darling decorated pie crusts! It is a pleasure to "pull up a chair to your table!" Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia

  3. It's really beautiful Marsha, I am a huge fan of black, white and a mossy green! It looks so cool and peaceful, just the way you want to feel in the summertime! Your chicken pot pie looks delicious and the white flowers and green hydrangeas are gorgeous! Have a wonderful summer!

  4. I love your table, especially the darker greens and black. Completely unexpected for summer, and I love it! I'm linking over from Linda's.

  5. You did a great job with this tablescape, I like it!

  6. This is just gorgeous!! I LOVE your choice of colors!! So elegant looking!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  7. Your flowering crab trees are stunning! I can see how they inspired your tablescape. The magnolia tablecloth you chose is absolutely gorgeous paired with your pretty china. Those chicken pot pies look most scrumptious. I wish I had a slice for lunch right now. It is one of my favorites. Wishing you a most wonderful summer!!!

  8. I love your tablescape with the magnolia fabric! You really achieved your goal of making a very special table for summer. The deep green glasses, gold rimmed china and cups compliment the fabric. And the centerpiece with the black vase and white peonies and green tinged hydrangeas is stunning.
    Happy summer to you Marsha

  9. Marsha, magnolias are in bloom here now, and my neighbor allows me to snip blooms and enjoy the fragrance in our home. Your crab apple tree looks lovely.
    You have me wanting to bake a pie. Your detailed crust inspire. Thanks for sharing all the beauty. It's been fun being on the hop with you.

  10. Love how the centerpiece flowers pick up and enhance the colors in your beautiful table setting. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

  11. Your magnolia fabric used for a table topper is bold and striking.
    Marsha, I loved reading your thoughts about observing nature and being inspired.
    How nice to have such beautiful and large crabapple trees to enjoy.
    I am loving your gorgeous white china with wide gold bands. They are so elegant and your vintage glassware enriches your tablescape.
    I am so impressed with your homemade chicken pot pie. It is a work of art that I am so glad you shared.
    So nice to blog hop with you again.

  12. Marsha, You are right, that fabric is stunning! What a lovely choice for your beautiful and classic summertime table! The green and white against the black is a great combination. Your crab apple tree is so beautiful! The magnolia trees here and in my yard are blooming, they tend to bloom almost all year round. The detail you added to your pies is amazing!! I hope you enjoyed them!

  13. Marsha, a lovely table. Our magnolias bloomed a few months back. How special to have a crab apple tree. You baked such a pretty chicken pot pie, love the decorated crust pieces. Your china is lovely and I especially love the glassware. Always a pleasure to hop along with you. Happy summer.

  14. Marsha, bold it is! I love how you use it to symbolize our new freedom to get out and break free from the virus of last year. Your Nikko Gold Filigree is perfectly suited for the table topper fabric, as is your green/gold stemware. Magnolias are in full bloom throughout our region right now, and taking a walk down the street in one neighborhood in particular is a sensual treat with the fragrance. Yours is a visual treat, and the crabapples are lovely. Your centerpiece of hydrangeas and tulips in the bold black vessel are very complementary to the table, and your chicken pot pies are gorgeous to look at it, and I'm sure quite tasty.
    Thank you for joining the summer blog hop and I wish you a wonderful summer!

  15. What a striking table, so different, so lovely!! You have created a wonderful ode to nature with your table. I have never seen stemware as unique as your vintage glassware, they are beautiful. Your pot pies are just as spectacular. I hope you have a wonderful summer☀️

  16. Marsha, my magnolia is in bloom and its fragrance wafts through the humid air of summer. I love the striking magnolia fabric, it is a beautiful foundation for your tablesetting. The vintage stemware is very unique and complements the Nikko gold filigree. Your gathering of inspiration from nature has resulted in a lovely table. Happy Summer!

  17. Oh, how I wish I had a magnolia tree in my yard! It gets too cold up here in the winters :( Your magnolia themed table is gorgeous! I love the rich tones of the gold and the greens, with the pop of white plates! If I haven't mentioned it before, I really love this room with all those big windows! What a perfect place for a summer tablescape :)

  18. Marsha, we don’t have a magnolia tree either, but I have gathered my neighbor’s fallen leaves for projects. They are wonderful for a tablescape in any season. Your pot pies look so pretty with the pretty china. Your crabapple trees are so pretty. Such a lovely table setting.

  19. Marsha, what a stunning table! I love the deep dark greens, that magnolia backdrop sets all your beautiful dishes and green and gold glassware off to perfection. Happy Summer! xo Lidy

  20. This is one beautiful tablescape. Love the fabric. Thanks for sharing your tablescape @omhgww. See you next week.

  21. Beautiful! I don't have a magnolia tree, either, but I love them. I was just thinking of painting some magnolias. Your table is a stunner. My mother was really into setting a beautiful table, so I really appreciate all the work and creativity that go into it.

  22. What a beautiful nature inspired table! Pinned.

  23. I am so amazed by all those beautiful pictures. Great job. Love your site.

  24. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  25. Love the fabric and the deep green dish ware is a perfect match. Thanks for sharing at the FWF link!

  26. Thank you for sharing our stunning table. That fabric was such a beautiful find. #HomeMattersParty