Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A Glamorous Winter Snowman for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Every year at this time, The Little Yellow Corner Store (with the help of Mother Nature and her deluge of generosity with an over abundance of snow), designs a snowman tablescape celebrating winter.  This year, in particular, Mother Nature disciplined most of the country with her cold temperatures and extreme winds making most of us question - what was there about winter to celebrate?

However, there is something very endearing about a snowman despite the severity of the winter weather outside our window.  Perhaps playful snowmen are a sweet reminder of our triumph over harsh conditions or a reminder of our childhood days when spending a pleasant afternoon outside building and dressing a tall snowman was shared with other neighborhood friends.  With cheeks as red as a cherry, gloves saturated with snow and ice and with the fading daylight from a shortened day, the snowman was stacked, made smooth and embellished with all of the necessities a snowman would need, including the biggest smile and the warmest hat and scarf.  Tired, cold and hungry and with a feeling of great accomplishment, the neighborhood snow sculpture artists trotted home for warm nourishment.

It is my pleasure this week to be joining a Valentine's Day Tablescape Blog Hop with a great group of stylists who showcase their best creativity and talents.  The hop is hosted by our good friend and fellow stylist, Rita from Panoply beginning Tuesday, January 24, 2023.  Join The Little Yellow Corner Store in the hop as we honor this year's glamorous snowman for the remaining winter season and to celebrate Valentine's Day.   Please visit each of the links at the end of this post for some unique and charming expressions of love.

If ever storage room was never a problem, collecting cookie jars would be number two on my list to do next to tablescaping.  I am sure you will agree that there are some adorable and very charming cookie jars available and this black and white buffalo checkered snowman head cookie jar from Hobby Lobby is one of my top picks as irresistible.  

Bold green accents such as napkins and stemware gives the black and white tablescape a pop of color and enhances all of the winter greenery.  

The wood beaded napkin ring with the "Peace" insert, which is actually a Christmas ornament, is a great reminder of something we all hope to see more of during the new 2023 year.  Positioned against the bright green color napkin and placed on top of a silver glitter placemat with plenty of bling, the natural wood beaded ornament contrasts perfectly with the black and white buffalo checkered tablecloth.

Even the little green tree on the snowman's hat adds to the playfulness of this tablescape.

A homemade white loopy yarn door wreath embellished with a simple black and white buffalo checkered bow and a glittery red heart is a great decor piece to coordinate with the dining room tablescape for the winter. (The photo of the wreath was not taken on the glass door due to lack of light.  Not much sunshine makes it difficult to see the details.)

A few sweet and simple black and white checkered hearts placed around the cookie jar and place settings finishes off the tablescape for the Valentine Day's celebrations.  We can celebrate both Valentine's Day and the flurry of snow still to come in the next month or two.

A snowman wrapped chocolate bar is a little take home treat for each guest.  You can almost say the wrapper is a self-portrait of the cookie jar centerpiece.  Each bar is a raspberry filled chocolate bar that is smooth, rich and perfect for Valentine's Day.

There are so many samples of chocolate wrappers on Pinterest and so easy to put together.  They make great gifts for every occasion and for anyone of any age.  

We can all celebrate Valentine's Day with a slice of strawberry cake and vanilla frosting, chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles and some smooth and creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream.

What you might not know is that this delicious looking slice of strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and soft sweet marshmallows dipped in warm, velvety chocolate are all fake.  By the way, so is the rich and fluffy whipped cream.  What a fun way to add playfulness to your tablescape.  

To create the whipped cream and the slice of cake, I used the instructions found on Pinterest listed here:  Faux whipped cream.  And for the faux marshmallows, I shaped white Model Clay from Crayola into marshmallow shapes and inserted each onto a wood skewer stick.  Once dried, I covered the top of them with milk chocolate color acrylic paint and allowed it to drip on to the sides.  Once dried, I brushed a small amount of gloss Modge Podge on top and dipped some of the skewed marsmallows into pastel colored foam beads as sprinkles.  It looks so good that I found it hard not to lick my fingers.  

There is plenty of time left in the season to enjoy the many joys of winter.  So pull on your winter boots and bundle up nice and warm, a fun, lovable snowman is waiting to be created that will last well into March or April here in Wisconsin.  

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Happy Valentine's Day!