Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Denim Sort of Day

Do you ever designate a day or two at this time of the year to spend a moment to contemplate, reflect, reminisce or just rejuvenate your thoughts?  The upcoming Easter Holy Week, a week for some of us whose religious beliefs include the recognition of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, becomes a special and significant time of the year.  A time to concentrate on our convictions, priorities and renewed hope. 

With the winter holidays in the distant past and the warm and busy days of Spring unfolding ahead, it is a chance to have what I call "a denim sort of day".  It includes just what I mentioned above, a day or two to re-examine and reaffirm my faith, beliefs and once again revitalize my thoughts and plans for the path and direction I wish to maintain or change in my life.  It is a very personal day without distractions and worries to interfere in the process.  It is a tranquil duration of time during the Easter season for deep-thought which very much resembles participation in spiritual retreats in the past. 

Why do I call it a "denim sort of day"?  Think of the casualness of wearing a comfortable pair of denim blue jeans on a quiet day when one's schedule is not filled with busy tasks and you go about at your leisure.  A day to enjoy the sunrise and linger a bit more over a hot cup of coffee.   A day to ask yourself some serious and fundamental questions about life and find a moment to think hard over the answers.  It is the informal and unplanned moments of time to meditate in a calm and peaceful surroundings. A day which also includes an opportunity to be humble, thankful and full of gratitude too.

So to preserve and honor the ease of these sort of days that we all so definitely need,  I designed this week's simple tablescape around the idea of denim's relaxed, laid-back feeling and the nostalgia that comes from the vintage floral squared fabric and casual gingham.  I called it "A Denim Sort of Day Tablescape."  To also celebrate the Easter season, the tablescape includes my handmade denim place mats, denim Easter eggs and Easter chick and bunny butt sugar cookies for this week's participation in the Easter Tablescape Blog Hop 2019 hosted by Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate and Decorate.  Join me and other designers for some beautiful Easter-themed tablescapes.  See the links below for the exquisite work of other designers beginning the week of Monday, April 1, 2019 through Friday, April 5, 2019.

(To get the instructions on how to make these adorable and easy denim Easter eggs, visit:

The following picture of the flatware pocket is a result of using the delightful sample of a flatware pocket from Cecilia's repurposed tablecloth at My Thrift Store Addiction Blog.  See her wonderful ideas and tutorial from her blog article The Good Shepherd Spring Tablescape and more at My Thrift Store Addiction Blog at:  Thank you Cecilia!

I hope you will agree after viewing the Denim Days tablescape photos that we all need to free ourselves from life's chaotic activities, rest and re-establish this simplistic connection to our inner self and our faith, especially as we approach the Easter holiday.  I hope this can inspire you to enjoy your "denim days".   Happy Easter to you all.


Note:  In my last post I had a number of readers ask for the No Bake Pineapple and Coconut Cheesecake Recipe.  I apologize for forgetting to include it in last week's post, The Essence of Spring in Winter. So here it is:   (If you missed the article and wish to read what it was all about, visit:

Also the question was raised as to the name of the flowers pictured in this article too.  The tall purple type flower is actually a perennial called Camassia Esculenta or known as Indian Hyacinth and, of course, the picture of the deep purple flower surrounded by the yellow marigolds are Petunias.  The last photo is what I believe to be another perennial, Aromatic Aster.