Sunday, June 17, 2018

That Tropical Island Feeling.........

Are you often attracted to decor which reflect the lush vegetation of the tropics?  Do you have a special attraction to tropical islands and even dream of some day visiting such treasured tranquil gems?  Do you have a desire to bath in the sultry sun on a breezy undisturbed beach?  Would you find it pleasurable to burrow your toes in the warm, soft white sands and feel the cool gusts of wind blow against your sun-kissed skin?

Even though this paradise perfection may not be in driving distance, it can be recreated in your own home.  Lets take a moment to sit among the palm trees and ferns and enjoy the fragrant exotic orchids and other scented flora at the following table, That Tropical Feeling Tablescape.  Come experience the utopia and bliss at this enchanting table including some heavenly lemon-lime shortbread cookies and some chocolate lime parfaits.  I assure you that you will find the euphoric citrus desserts to be tart and delicious.

So grab your tanning lotion, flip flops, bathing suit and coconut water and join me as we celebrate everything tropical.  Thank you for visiting The Little Yellow Corner Store.

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