Saturday, August 4, 2018

An Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit Pop Tablescape

Ice cream!  That luscious summer time dessert that for most of us has so many childhood memories tied to it.  As a child, how often did you hear the tinkling of a bell and run after the ice cream truck in your neighborhood on a hot summer day?  Were you one of many children who went racing to the ice cream truck with a handful of dimes and nickels only to hesitate at the hard to make choice of which rich and creamy treat to pick?

If there is one dessert I can never say no to and still creates a difficult choice, it is a bowl of soft, smooth ice cream.  For years I enjoyed the same selected flavor, chocolate peanut butter.  However, as I grew older, the simple taste of vanilla with salted pecans has me in ice cream heaven.

One other frozen delight that was enjoyed by children and adults alike were mom's homemade fruit pops.  This brightly colored fruit pop recipe has a burst of full flavor and can be made in an assorted variety.

So lets dash to the nearest ice cream shop or to this week's table to celebrate these delectable frozen treats.  In addition to this yummy refreshing dessert, the bold ice cream and popsicle pattern tablecloth was the inspiration for this tablescape.  With its multitude of colors, it becomes easy to choose a dinnerware setting and accessories, don't you think?

As an ice cream table decoration, a faux sundae with tissue "whipped cream" topping makes for a perfect embellishment.  You can also use the instructions to make faux ice cream in my previous post:  Faux Ice Cream and Zesty Peppy Love.

For something real, perhaps you are someone who happens to love chocolate covered ice cream.  In that case, you may want to try the recipe for homemade hard-shell chocolate in my previous post entitled Homemade Hard-Shell Chocolate Coating for Ice Cream.

And who can't resist the adorable floral and tulle pom-pom table centerpiece including a yellow polka-dot ceramic watering can in the fun and whimsical shape of a piggy.

Perhaps you may enjoy a mini cupcake cone decorated to look like an ice cream cone.  Just fill the inside of the waffle cone with fruit, top it with a fun and festive mini cupcake and place it into a champagne flute filled with Sixlets colored chocolate candies.

An ice cream napkin fold makes this table irresistibly detailed.  This ice cream napkin fold uses two napkins.  The "cone" is folded in cloth and the white "ice cream" insert with the sprinkles and a cherry is a paper napkin (to lessen the bulk when folding).  It is ideal for inserting your fork, knife and spoon.  At meal time, guests can simply and easily remove the flatware and paper napkin in order to use the yellow cloth napkin.

A gooey rice cereal treat in the shape of a popsicle makes a memorable gift for guests to take home.

Nothing brings back more memories than my mother's recipe for homemade summertime fruit pops (see below for recipe).  They are loved by everyone, young and old.

Mom's Homemade Fruit Pops

1 small box of jello gelatin, flavor of choice
1 envelope of Kool Aid powder without sugar, coordinating flavor with gelatin
3/4 C sugar
2 C boiling water
2 C cold water
plastic treat molds or small paper cups with aluminum foil squares and wood craft sticks

Place gelatin, Kool Aid and sugar in a bowl and dissolve this mixture with boiling water.  Once dissolved, add the remaining cups of cold water and pour into molds or small paper cups topped with foil to hold wood craft sticks in place.  Place in freezer until throughly frozen.  

And, of course, if you want to give a gift to someone that will put them in frosty bliss, give them a gift card for ice cream of their choice at your local ice cream shop in a ice cream themed gift card holder you decorated yourself.  (See Mom It Is Hot Outside for more homemade gift card holder ideas.)


Celebrate summer and get happy......and watch for the ice cream truck!
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