Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Valentine's Heart

Last year when the scrumptious chocolates were gone from the lovely padded heart box, I "didn't have the heart" to throw it away.  I decided to save it and thought to myself that there must be something I could do with it that could spare it from going into the trash bin.  So until now, it sat on a shelf waiting for me to give it some further thought.  With Valentine's Day a little over a month away, I began to look over what I had left in my supplies and realized that the cute little heart box could be converted into an adorable and lightweight front door decoration. So I eagerly started my project of re-purposing my empty candy box.

First, holes were punched on both sides of the top of the heart so that the ribbon could be strung through it for hanging it as a front door decor piece.

I then cut out a small heart-shaped piece of cardboard as a pattern for the heart that I would cut from the red and white gingham fabric that I had on hand.  Later, the cardboard heart was used as a sturdy backing for the fabric heart.

To the outer edges of the fabric heart, I sewed both red and white lace and added the small little red and white gingham bow.  This was then hot-glued to the heart-shaped cardboard piece that I used as a pattern and glued to the front and center of the padded heart-shaped candy box. More white lace was glued to the edges of the back of the box and a large bow was hung on top of the door hanger to cover it.  One, two three........I had a new front door decor piece and the little candy box was saved and could be adored and admired once again.  (Of course, I still wish it was full of chocolates!)

Sending you many hugs and kisses for a splendid Valentine's Day.

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