Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Flavors from the Tropics

Can you almost taste the sweet, creamy flavor of a coconut cream pie topped with luscious dark chocolate curls?  Or the tart and tangy flavor of a zesty key lime pie?  Or perhaps, the subtle, delicate flavor of a smooth, velvety banana cream pie?  

Although these cutie pie pin cushions are not edible, they were made to look as if they would have the delicious flavors of real ones.  If you missed my previous post, Are You a Cutie Pie?,  which includes a cherry, blueberry, lemon and chocolate cream pies, you can see it here:  Are You A Cutie Pie?

Below is a coconut cream pie with chocolate curls and hearts, mint leaves and toasted shredded coconut.

Below is a citrus key lime pie embellished with green mint leaves, lime slices and dollops of whipped cream.

Below is the luscious banana cream pie with banana slices, chocolate dollops and maraschino cherries.

This black, white and green Magnolia table topper, which was used in my previous article, A Bold, Striking Summer Magnolia Tablescape Inspired By Nature, seemed to complement the tropical pies for the photos.  If you would like to see the previous Magnolia Tablescape, just click here: Summer Magnolia Tablescape.

The cutie pies are fun to create and, as you can see, can be used as a pin cushion or a fun Christmas tree ornament when placed into a mason jar wire holder.

When I can make enough of them, I would love to see a tree full of apples and apple cutie pies.  Most certainly it would be a unique tree for the holiday.   And with some tied bundles of cinnamon sticks, it would be a scented one too.

Which cutie pie is your favorite?  Did you base your decision on the flavor or the look of the cutie pie?   

If anyone is interested in purchasing one or more of these fun cutie pies, you are welcome to visit Craftygrannie's Forever Christmas store at Ebay.  They make an adorable gift for any occasion. Just click on the store's logo in the sidebar of the blog article to go straight to the store.  


  1. Really cute Marsha, such a sweet idea!!

  2. Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Marsha, how sweet these are. I love the tropical flavors. Such a darling project. They look good enough to eat. I am happy to feature these cuties at Love Your Creativity.