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A Visit To The Historical Pinecrest Village Part 2

Welcome back.  I am so very glad you can join me for the second of the three part series on Pinecrest Village, an outdoor, walk-through historical museum in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.  If you happen to miss my first posting, A Visit to The Historical Pinecrest Village Part 1, just click on the following link to read the introduction to this remarkable village:  A Visit to The Historical Pinecrest Village-Part 1

If you ask me which of the 25 historic buildings at Pinecrest Village is my favorite, I would definitely have a difficult time picking the one I favor the most.  In all honesty, I love them all.  For me, the entire village represents a moment of time where the world stands still long enough to reflect back on days gone by.  This is where I have an opportunity "to mediate on lifetime accomplishments and failures and to take measure of the future."   Such a strikingly tranquil setting allows enough solitude to reckon and come to terms with past choices that have been buried deep and unremembered.  The quiet surroundings of the village inspires and offers visitors a chance to once again capture, even if for a brief instant, the contentment and warm comfort of those joyous, earlier times that are now cherished memories.   The touch of nostalgia that being in the village creates can also awaken imagination and creativity and can provide inspiration and enthusiasm to ponder on future dreams.

Beyond the magic and charisma of the landscape, if I had to absolutely select one building that warms my heart the most, I would have to say the General Store would be my first selection as you will soon learn why.

First, lets pick up where we left off in our tour through the peaceful grounds.  One of the other buildings at the museum which I find very special is the Niles Church and the adjacent cemetery, including authentic headstones but fictitious burials.  The church was built in 1896 and is available to rent for weddings.

Across the road from Niles Church and cemetery is the Two Creeks Town Hall (the far right in the next picture below) and the round, Nennig Dance Pavilion which is also available to rent for wedding receptions. 

Can you imagine how unique and charming it must be to have a wedding at the Niles Church and a festive wedding reception at the Nennig Dance Pavilion?

The next building is the Rockwood Fire Station, built in 1926.  It is amazing to compare the fire stations of today to those of long ago.  Wouldn't you agree?

To get a general idea of the location of these charming buildings, the following picture reveals the most beautiful and breathtaking land that surrounds the village.

Just think of it... a dress shop exclusively for tailored made apparel for your needs and that of your family.  Think about that for a moment.  No shopping at a huge store or a crowded mall just to browse to see this year's trends or to buy just in case there is a special upcoming occasion. How many pieces do you think a woman owned and how long did it take to sew the exquisite dress?   The photos of the Rank Dressmakers Shop, built around 1897,  evokes additional images in my mind of yards of exceptional quality, hand-woven fabric ready to be cut and fashioned into a dress that is properly fitted to each woman's figure.  (No exposure of legs or bust.)  Talk about personal customer service and care.

 I really love looking out of the huge windows of the dress shop at the Niles Church which is just across the road from the Rank Dressmakers Shop.  It really reminds me of a small family-owned bakery shop my family visited on early weekend mornings in the tiny town located near our cottage on the lake.  The architecture of the buildings were very much the same and I remember peering out of those windows too when my mother was busy ordering fresh breads and pastries.

As for some of us who do or have done the majority of the grocery shopping for the family, I am sure you may greatly appreciate the General Store and Meat Market.  This store is my favorite among the village buildings.   This type of store stocked just the basics and shopping would have made decision-making clear and simple.   Today's puzzling purchase of an item which is one among the two hundred and fifty brands on the shelf can be daunting.   Certainly, it would not be a complicated choice of which color teapot to select long ago.  From the photo, my choice of teapots would have been only a few.

The store was built some time in the 1870s and was previously located in the town of Clarks Mills, Wisconsin.   My neighbor, as a little girl, remembers shopping at this store when it was located in Clarks Mills.  What wonderful memories which are now preserved for her at this village.

The beautiful patterned ceiling adds even more charm.

Located in the back of the general store is the Meat Market.  How about a beef pot roast, some carrots, onions and potatoes for dinner?   And don't forget the freshly ground coffee.

Thinking of buying Mrs. Rank's Dress Shop some day?  You may need to put some savings into your bank account at the Newton State Bank.  This one-room bank was in operation from 1921 to 1942 in Newton, Wisconsin.   The information provided by the Manitowoc Historical Society indicates that the bank was subjected to an unsolved bank robbery in which the robbers torched the safe and came away with $4,000.

Well, Mrs. Rank, the dressmaker, may retire sooner.  You have been saving to buy her business, so now you need the help of a lawyer to make it all legal.  A visit to the Law Office could be necessary.

The last building for this post is the Cheese Factory.  In 1893, the factory provided residents of Schleswig the cheese of their choice. 

Wouldn't you just love to sit in the shade under this tree and let your thoughts run free?  Join me once again next week when we finish our visit to Pinecrest Village with a peek at a tavern, a doctor's and dentist's office, a blacksmith/woodworker's shop, a train station and more. (The slide show at the beginning of this post can give you a glimpse at some of the buildings in the remaining tour.)  Thank you for visiting Pinecrest Village with me. 


  1. That was an enjoyable tour. I liked the general store too and that safe in the bank. I've never seen one like that before. Amazing to think of a time when a town had but one lawyer and one bank. Faith and trust were central to the core of people back then. I can imagine what a treat it must be to have a wedding and reception there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the tour you gave me. What a travel back in time, it's so good to see they are working hard to preserve history like that!

    Thanks so much for joining the Dishing It & Digging Link party, I hop it brings you some new friends and a lot of smiles!

  3. I love posts like this. When we travel, we drive and it is so fun to find places like this to visit. What a charming spot to visit. Thanks for this amazing post!

  4. So many beautiful pictures and this would be a lovely spot to visit. Thanks for joining us at Celebrate Your Story.

  5. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  6. What an unbelievable historic town this is, and what a blast you must have had taking it all in. It's interesting to think back at what life was like back then and imagine a town with one lawyer lol. I suppose there were advantages, but truth be told life was a lot harder for most people. Still, it's nice to imagine...



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