Friday, March 11, 2016

A Frog's Water Paradise

Here in Wisconsin, we have been experiencing a full-blown epidemic of playful excitement over  the warm and breezy Spring-like weather.  I am so thrilled to be able to ecstatically fling open all of my windows and to let as much of nature inside.  With this sense of euphoria, I wanted to capture some of that outdoor feeling for an inside corner vignette that I am trying to create.  What came to mind for this small vignette is my collection of frogs and a water fountain.

Let me first explain how I obtained the frogs you will see in the vignette.  Each year for the past 5 or so years, I make it a point to attend the Manitowoc Garden Fair.  This year it will be held on June 11, 2016 at the downtown Washington Park location at 1115 Washington Street in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Among all of the flowers, garden art and patio/garden furniture for sale, there are several vendors who offer ceramic garden art, one of which sells the most adorable and whimsical frogs.  I paid less than $5 for each of them and purchased one at a time through the years.  The poses of each of these darling little frogs captured my attention and heart and are such a frolicsome reminder of the hot, lazy days of summer that lie ahead.  I thought they make the perfect accent piece to any garden vignette, especially when used with the avocado green leaf serving platters and snack bowl.  They seemed to belong together, don't they? 

Well to continue in my search to find other items along with a mushroom and moss, what else would go well with the frogs other than water!  A table top water fountain makes for the ideal piece to complete the garden frog vignette.  The avocado green ceramic dragonfly water fountain was purchased last year from a little gift shop in Two Rivers, Wisconsin which has closed permanently when the owner decided to retire.  At first I didn't think of the frog collection that I had when I decided to purchase the table top water fountain.  Instead, I was thinking more of the bargain price and the added moisture it would bring to the room since it can be beastly dry in the house during winter.  The water fountain also reverberates the lovely, soothing bubbling sound that provides peace, relaxation and tranquility.  Even though each piece was purchased separately and without the other pieces in mind, when put all together, to my surprise, the fountain, plates and frogs complemented each other very well. 

There is something incredibly calming and rejuvenating about the trickling of water.  Listening to this magical sound conjures up visions of intriguing, spellbinding places yet to be explored.  Perhaps a place like a lush green rainforest that is beautiful as it is extraordinary and enchanting.

You never know...perhaps when these charming little frogs are kissed you might find prince charming sitting in your corner.  Or at most, the result would be a wart on your nose.  I hope this post provided you with a TOAD-ALLY fun experience.


  1. I love your collection of frog items. That tabletop waterfall is the cutest one I've ever seen. All these pieces put together look like they were meant to be. We've been enjoying this wonderful spring like weather too...can't get enough. It's expected to be in the low 60's today and we're going to get outside and pick up the messy yard debris that's collected through the winter. Reading the name Manitowac it brought back memories of the many times we passed through Wisconsin on our way to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. We would stop along the way and found a favorite place in Wautoma. It was a farm market that also had a wonderful antique store. They always had nice items for gardening and for the home to decorate with.

  2. With my luck, I'd definitely get the wart on my nose.

    Oh wait...I already have one :/.

    Enjoy the lovely spring like weather Marsha!

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  4. Great frogs and so cute on the table. So many ideas and ways you can use those little guys.

  5. Love that you can have trickling water tear round, very pretty! and I love those little frogs!

  6. This post is so whimsical and enjoyed. I enjoyed your photos and written words. A happy place.

  7. Love your vignette, it's adorable, and the glaze on that fountain is wonderful. I have an affinity for frogs as well, so much so I have a stained glass vindow in my front door with one!

  8. Your little frogs remind me so much of some that my grandmother had. Are yours vintage? My grandmother kept hers in the kitchen window sill for as long as I an remember.

    Thank you for joining us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Olivia, co-hostess
    Reinvented Collection

    1. Hi Olivia,
      No, the little frogs are not vintage. I had purchased one at a time from a vendor at the Manitowoc Garden Fair in Wisconsin. The water fountain was a coffee/gift shop in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They do bring out the playfulness in all who see them. Thank you for your comment.

  9. That is really cute! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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