Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wishing You All a Happy and Blessed Easter

At this time of the year,  I can't help but think back over the many years of Easter celebrations when the children were small and so taken up with the story of the Easter Bunny.  Some how the thought of searching for the Easter Bunny and finding a hidden basket filled with chocolates and candy made the hunt a thrill to be recalled for days.   The fascination with the Easter Bunny by no means took precedence over the teaching of the true religious meaning of Easter, but like most families with young children, it became another part of the festivities for the holiday.

Even though my children are now full grown adults and moved so far from home, I some times reminiscence over those joyous times that brought so much happiness to my life.  So in honor of those precious moments, this Easter's posting is dedicated to my children as a fond remembrance and gratefulness for the pure joy and pleasure that they brought to me through the fantasy and tale of the Easter Bunny story.  As small children, their wonder and imagination provided such vivaciousness and excitement.  Just thinking of their energy, gaiety and enthusiasm surrounding Easter preparations such as dyeing Easter eggs, selecting adorable Easter outfits or assembling the Easter food basket for blessing at the church and other family merriment fills my heart with gladness and makes me smile with a great deal of happiness.  These treasured moments will forever remain in my memory and will be cherished for the remainder of my life.  I am truly blessed. 

So to convey the essence of the fun and frolic of Easter past, I decided to create an Easter tablescape that mirrors these valuable and wholesome experiences.  To begin with I found a set of adorable white ceramic bunnies with pink and light green flowered bows for the table's centerpiece.  The use of pink and green in the floral tablecloth captures the liveliness of the holiday with whimsy and joviality.  And, of course, the paper tulip muffin holder and the butterflies in both the folded napkin and the napkin ring emphasizes the beginning of the long-awaited Spring.   

The Easter "basket" canning jar with a wire handle and lid is one of eight jars filled with candy and topped with a jelly bean design fabric for a wonderful Amish family who are friends and who we purchase our eggs from each week.  After the candy is gone, the jar can be used to store sewing notions like buttons, school items like crayons or they can be used to catch fireflies during the warm summer nights.   

And last, I came across these darling Easter cookie presses that came four to a package.  They make the cutest little cheese cutouts too.  With all of the chocolate temptation, it is the perfect healthy Easter snack.    

I wish you and your family a very blessed and memorable Easter holiday.




  1. LOVE this Easter tablescape! The colours, the cute bunny centerpiece and those butterfly napkins all add up to one terrific table setting! I've pinned some of your pics! Visiting from BNOTP. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Lori. I am a big fan of pastel colors and lace at Easter. I guess it reminds me of all the Easter dresses and bonnets. Have a wonderful Easter holiday with your family.

  2. Love this table with the polka dot scarf so cute on that bunny.I did a bunny theme also.CAN YOU SHOW US A TUTORIAL ON HOLD TO FOLD THE BUTTERFLY NAPKINS PLEASE.SUSIE Happy Easter

  3. Such a lovely table. Happy Easter!

  4. Such a beautiful Easter table. I can relate to your story with Easter memories of my children growing up.
    I love your basket/canning jar. Such a great gift idea and a beautiful decoration. I'm sure your friends are very grateful to receive it.
    Happy Easter, Thelma.

  5. What a beautiful and charming table. Your napkin fold is stunning and with the napkin rings it is over the top beautiful. Loved reading your post.

  6. How darling! I need to do butterfly napkins for next Easter. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.