Sunday, May 31, 2015

Breakfast on the Farm Tablescape

Do you know what exciting event occurs every year in the month of June in Wisconsin?  It is June Dairy Month! As part of the celebration, Manitowoc County hosts Breakfast on the Farm where a selected farm is open to the public for touring, learning and partaking in a scrumptious country breakfast for a small cost, including fresh and tasty scambled eggs, sausage, cheese, biscuits and, of course, yummy, creamy ice cream sundaes.   There is always plenty to see and a great educational experience for young and old alike.  The date to remember for this year's event is Sunday, June 14, 2015.  It will be held at the Orthland Dairy Farm, S Union Road, Cleveland, Wisconsin from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

In honor of the yearly Breakfast on the Farm during June Dairy Month in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, I thought it would be fun to create a farm inspired tablescape.  Among my tablescape pictures, I have included various pictures of previous Breakfast on the Farm events in hope that it will spark your interest even more.

So lets start the tour and, of course, with the most adorable part of the tour first!  Isn't he adorable!

I just love cows!

Always a lot of people who attend.

So much so that they bring them in by bus loads.

Of course, they come for those fluffy, moist scrambled eggs!  Yum!  (That is the biggest skillet  I have ever seen and there is more than one!)

And who wouldn't miss out on that smooth and creamy ice cream sundaes.  Strawberry sundae, please!

Should you feel a little full from such a hearty breakfast, you can walk the grounds and learn about the farm's operation, including the machinery.  Pretty impressive when you stand so close to these huge pieces of equipment.

They are huge!!!

A wonderful opportunity for children and adults to get up close and personal with the farm animals.

One can always polka dance all of those calories away!

Or you can just walk among some of the most beautiful farm land.  Truly God's country.

 I hope you enjoyed the tour of previous events.  So as I anticipate this year's event, I busied myself with putting together a farm-inspired tablescape.   Gosh, now I think I will go and whip me up some scrambled eggs.  So giddy up and come on over to enjoy a day full of fun...join us in this year's Breakfast on the Farm. 

Thank you for visiting. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rural Roadtripping-My Love for Old Things

What do you like to do on a late Sunday afternoon?   Is it a time of rest and relaxation for you?  Is it a day to spend quality time with family and friends?  Or is it a day to spend road tripping?  I absolutely love to spend a late afternoon on a Sunday driving through the picturesque farms that I have been so fortunate and blessed to live among.  If ever I am reminded of a loving and compassionate God, it is in his artistic design of the beautiful fields and valleys at the time the sun is casting its golden glow. During my trips, I have often come across many homesteads that have been around for many generations.  Some are yet occupied while most of them are not. And even some have become historical landmarks.  Their weathered and aged exterior speak of years of untold stories and experiences.

Did you ever come upon an old abandoned farmhouse while road tripping and wonder just what kind of memorable family gatherings went on inside? 

What sort of activities went on inside?  How different were the activities of days gone by to those of today?

If it was a farm, what did they grow?  What animals did they raise?

How many generations of family members attended to the farm?

What turmoil or troubles might the family have faced that caused them to make a heavy heartfelt decision to abandon the farm and its nurturing way of life?  

Many things to wonder about.  So, take a moment each day to appreciate the beauty around you and be thankful for all of your blessings.  Before long, it could become a memory in a old photo.  Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy more road trips.

Many blessings,


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Rustic Beach Vignette

I often come across articles online or in magazines that feature beautiful seaside homes.  Generally, they display their beautiful interiors painted with the sky blue, white and lemony yellow.  Who wouldn't be attracted to such bright and uplifting surroundings?  As a result of living in a log home, the option of creating the light and airy feel that you achieve with the beach-side cottage just isn't quite the same.  However, it doesn't rule out a beach feel entirely since incorporating a rustic beach vignette allows me to appreciate the beach theme in a log home. My love for the beach, sand, surf and water is portrayed in my cocktail table vignette.   This vignette, with all of it's natural elements, is still in keeping with the rustic and natural feel that a log home conveys.   And even though our cold and rainy temperatures outside include a brisk, chilly wind and our fireplace is once more in the works (as you can see in one of the pictures below), my sweet little vignette reminds me of my warm, tranquil days at a beach picnic with my lovely sister. 

So grab your picnic basket, blanket and a good book, the beach is the spot for good eating, reading and great conversations with friends or family.  (Or for now, it can be around my cocktail table too.)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Etching Glassware

Etching glasses is a fun and super easy project to do.  In my previous post, Ahoy, Let's Sail....The Lake Michigan Nautical Themed Tablescape, ( see The Lake Michigan Nautical Themed Tablescape Post to view the tablesetting), I included a picture of the glasses which I had etched with an anchor.  Since other bloggers have commented on the glassware, I thought it might be a good time to include the super easy steps on how it was done. 

I purchased the reusable stencils at Hobby Lobby and the Armour Etch at Michaels and carefully removed the stencil of choice and gently adhered it to where I wanted the image to be on the glass.  I delicately rubbed the stencil in place to even out any wrinkles or gaps.  With a small paintbrush dipped in the etching paste, I spread it evenly over the stencil making sure it is covered but not to exceed beyond the stencil itself.  Let it stand untouched for about 10-15 minutes.

Carefully rinse the etching paste off with lukewarm water making sure not to rub extremely hard that would result in moving the stencil or the applied paste in other areas other than the open areas in the stencil.

Now gently pat dry.

Now the revealing.  With small steps, carefully peel away the stencil.  (Rinse again under warm water if there is anymore remaining paste left and gently pat or air dry.

And the results...... a lovely glass with a bit more interest.

Here is a previous etching I had done on several wine glasses using grapes and a grapevine image.

And it can also work on colored glass too.  Plus, it can also work in reverse where you can frost the entire glass with the exception of whatever shaped sticker you might adhere to the glass.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will be sure to share it with you when I do.   So catch what is going around....start itching for etching.