Friday, June 16, 2017

Backyards BBQs and Picnics

Looking for ways to spend more time outdoors?  Do you jump at the chance to have a backyard BBQ or a picnic?  Perhaps at this time of year you are looking up recipes and ideas to host an outside gathering of this kind.  So bring out your grill, patio table and chairs and string up those outdoor party lights.  It is time to kick back for some leisure cooking and entertaining.

To start the grilling season with some fun and flavor, you might want to serve up with some spicy beef fajitas loaded with colorful peppers. These savory beef fajitas are infused with some bold flavored herbs and are perfect for quick and easy serving.

A wonderful side dish to the mouth-watering fajitas is an easy to make Mexican flavored rice.

What I have been waiting for all winter long is the opportunity for a chance to put together a "watermelon grill" with some sweet, juicy summer fruits for some playfulness and whimsy to outdoor eating. I fell in love with the idea when I happen to see something similar on Pinterest, only I knew I could make good use of an old fondue stand as a cute watermelon grill stand after it was painted melon green.  By using the metal stand instead of dowels as the legs of the grill, there was no need to worry about the grill tipping over.  Filled with fresh fruit, this grill makes for a comical conversation piece for the center of the table.

A grill......complete with ashes from charcoal.  The ash is granulated sugar colored with a tiny drop of black food dye.  Totally edible if there is anyone with a larger sweet tooth craving and a need to sweeten their fruit with the sugar "ash".

Take a peek inside the will find toasted marshmallows as "charcoal" and red hot candies for "glowing embers".  For a larger crowd of guests, the cavity of the watermelon can be used as a serving bowl to hold the additional balled fruit which is accompanied with a creamy and tangy citrus dip.

And now....for the ultimate warm weather cream sandwiches.  These individual size ice cream sandwiches are rolled in festive colored sprinkles and can be made in as many varieties as there are ice cream flavors.

A bite into this chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich can bring back memories of festivities and frolic of prior summers.

Some sandwiches are chocolate peanut butter and the others are cherry vanilla.  Yum!

So remember to get the most zest and merriment out of the summer.......have a BBQ or a picnic.

Have Fun! 


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute and inventive is that watermelon 'grill'?!! What a conversation piece it must be!

    Your dishes all look amazing, not just the food but the photography. It's raining right now, and it's been quite an interesting Spring. Let's hope the summer is better so we can grill more!


  2. Seriously how cute is that watermelon grill! Very ingenious and I like your adaption with the fondue stand. All the food looks so delicious and I'm sitting here hungry for dinner! Those ice cream sandwiches look so good- cute idea to roll them in the sprinkles!

  3. Oh My! That is just the cutest most genius thing I have ever seen. I have to try to do one of my own. That's brilliant!

  4. Your watermelon BBQ is too cute!! Have you seen the BBQ grill topped cupcakes, they would be perfect for your theme!!

  5. Everything looks so delicious! You`re making me so hungry right now!

  6. The watermelon BBQ is too cute! All the food looks delicious and I would definitely enjoy being your guest!

  7. That watermelon barbecue is adorable! What a clever idea. Pinning!

  8. I should not have looked at your post on an empty stomach. I must remember that for the future. Those fajitas are mouthwatering. Your watermelon grill is a stroke of genius. Now I must go find some food.

  9. What a cute watermelon and a great backyard party! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  10. That watermelon grill is so adorable! I love that idea! Pinning! :) Lisa

  11. So very pretty and what a wonderful idea. Watermelon grill perfect for a outdoor setting. Colorful and nice......Sujatha:)

  12. Love this wonderful work of art. New likes and shares from Michele at Coastal Bohemian. Found you on Brag About It

  13. woah, that watermelon grill is super cool. What a fun idea.

  14. Neat! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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