Monday, September 7, 2020

Birds and Branches--The Stark Tranquility of the Approaching Fall

Bird nests have long been emptied and trees have delicately dropped their bright colorful leaves.  Crispness lingers in the air and dazzling ice crystals form on the bare branches.  Late Fall has now settled in and silently awaits the onset of the first fallen snow.

Can you still see nature's beauty in the Fall season when there are no longer bold and vivid colored trees but exposed, barren branches instead?  Can you still be awed by trees that are empty and void of their vibrant colors of green, orange, yellow and burgundy?  As the cool autumn wind begins to whirl across the landscape, any remaining withered foliage on the twisted branches surrenders their grip to join the rustling piles of parched leaves blanketed below. Birds, such as chickadees and nuthatches dance and flutter and spend time looking for food as the environment around them dramatically changes.  As everything lays barren, the desolate countryside seems to convey a time to retreat into rest and nestle into the stillness and quietness of late Fall's slumber.

My Fall tablescape this week was inspired by the kind of changes one sees at the tail end of the season.  Although, during much of this time, any appreciation for late Fall's craftsmanship is missed since most everyone is focused on the plans and preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Some how the simplicity and artistry of the sparse Fall surroundings are overlooked or dismissed for the events which lie ahead.

Nevertheless, I hope I was able to capture some of the charm and admiration for this extraordinary peaceful time of quietude.  Come join me as we celebrate the change of season to Fall and participate in this week's Fall Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate and Decorate.  Beginning Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, you will be able to enjoy and browse a variety of beautiful Fall tablescapes designed by other tablescapers (see their blog links below).  

Gone are the leaves from my favorite tree, a Japanese Maple, with its stunning burgundy leaves in the front of the porch.

Gone is its bright red colored leaves which are always beautiful when they stand in sharp contrast to the lush green grass of summer or the tranquil baby blue color of the clear, cloudless sky.

As more and more trees unveil their transparent form, a sense of calm and serenity begins to emerge.  The stark surroundings symbolize the humble solitude and contentment that the late season brings.  Hopefully, it is exemplified in this Birds and Branches tablescape.

A centerpiece made of bare, iced branches in a clear vase reflects the see through groves of late Fall trees without their bright, bold leaves.  

Empty nests on each plate signifies the fact that the baby birds from Spring have left their early home.


These empty nests perched in twig holders make a lovely decor statement for the table.  They remain empty for this tablescape to symbolize the sparseness of the very end of the season, but they can hold a tea candle (preferably a battery tea light), acorns, potpourri, candy or cut-up cinnamon sticks.  

Grapevine pumpkins adorn each place setting and add even more to the Fall theme.

Here I use a tea candle in the nest and its twig holder, but it may be safer to use a faux movable flame tea candle instead.

As a last minute tip, you may want to cut a small piece of bubble wrap and float it in a cylinder candle holder filled with twigs and topped with a tea light as a "floating" candle. I couldn't get to the store to purchase a box of floating candles, so this works well as a substitute.  Each cylinder is wrapped with the twig garland that weaves down the center of the table.

Fall can no longer linger on and the first snow fall has arrived. Fall is quietly exiting and it is time to enter into a relaxing slumber. 

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