Saturday, July 14, 2018

Mom...It Is Hot Outside

Summer is a season we all love for its long days full of plentiful sunshine and activities outside like cookouts, campfires or just relaxing while watching the sunset. Recently, there has been, however, some days that take a little more of getting use to, especially with temperatures in the high 90s (Fahrenheit).  Add in some high dew points and the temperatures feel like 101F.  Yes, that means uncomfortable excessive heat warnings and it is time to head indoors or to the beach for some relief.  Nevertheless, when even a trip to the lakeshore may not guarantee total reprieve from the lethargy and stickiness, it is best to seek fun and pleasurable activities in the cool luxury of the indoors.

For children and adults alike, being inside during the hottest time of the day may be rather difficult.  It may be a challenge, particularly for children, to find enough to do when, on the other hand, the great outdoors offers an opportunity for endless play.  It wasn't, however, until I, unexpectedly, came across a cute gift card holder craft project on Pinterest that I realized it just might be an activity that children wouldn't mind being inside to do.  This delightful gift card holder is easy to do, inspires creativity and costs very little money in needed supplies.  It is easy to personalize, has many uses and can be an approved art project for children or grandchildren of all ages. In addition to it holding store gift cards, this custom decorated holder is perfect for restaurant gift certificates, reward cards, business cards, membership cards or wallet size photos.   It is perfect for gift giving to family, friends, teachers, etc. for any occasion.

One of the four adorable gift card holders pictured below is part of a gift for a young child''s birthday party.  Along with wrapped presents with little girl accessories in a zebra-themed gift bag, a shopping gift card at a favorite store in this whimsical holder is also included. 

So lets take a look......

Some left over fabric, ric-rac trim, felt shapes and a few wood dowels make a coordinating mini flag.

Just some simple supplies that you might already have on hand can create some easy fun for the whole family.

The gift card slips right inside the pretty little holder and can be closed to keep it from falling out on both sides in various ways.  I used a sticky Velcro circle on both ends (see below).

For quick and easy decorating, various shapes of felt stickers like the lady bugs and bees are available at most craft stores.  Just peel off the paper backing to reveal the sticky glue and press into place.  Of course, for more hours of fun, shapes can be created and cut out from felt instead.  A lot is left to the imagination.

The sticky back Velcro is quick and easy to secure the gift card in the holder.  As another alternative, extra felt could be used as a flap on both ends to fold over the opening like an envelope. The flap could be fastened into place with Velcro, a snap or ribbon.

The white Velcro circle closes the ends nicely.

Who would think a couple of flattened toilet paper rolls would generate some personalized whimsical gift card holders and some fun family time.

Of course, some multi-colored jewels for added bling is a nice embellishment.

Sheets of felt are available in all sorts of colors and a general purpose glue like Tacky Glue keeps the pieces together.

Some age-appropriate scissors for cutting the felt the width of the paper roll and into decorative shapes is the last of the short list of supplies that are needed.

You may be surprised as to what can be created.

Have fun and stay cool this summer!