Sunday, July 7, 2019

Lets Play At The Beach

It just wouldn't be summer without a day for play at the beach.  So it is time to bring out the beach ball, sunglasses, food and treats and head to where the sand warms your toes and  where the refreshing breeze cools your face.

The red trim metal enamelware dinnerware set and vintage clear glass red rim snack plates with matching dessert cups will work just fine for this occasion.  Some paper beach ball napkins and home sewn, multi-colored striped placemats help to convey that it is time to have some fun in the sun.

A bamboo snack tray filled with goodies like peanuts, chocolate and caramel popcorn makes a perfect centerpiece for that "grab-and-go" treat after a simple, but tasty lunch made up of crab filled croissants, tuna noodle salad and cold, juicy fruit with a sweet orange dip and beach ball sugar cookies.  A brightly colored inflatable beach ball, as part of the casual table centerpiece, awaits a game of toss with children and adults when meal time is over.

Who can resist adding a bit of humor with these piercing eyes on a "crabby" croissant?

In addition to the savory crab-filled croissant, another cold dish, such as a flavorful tuna noodle salad, is just the perfect thing for these hot and humid days.

Summer time fruit is sweet and juicy.  The cut fruit pieces slid onto a skewer and served with an orange cream cheese dip is light and refreshing.

Of course, a whimsical beach ball sugar cookie can accompany the cold, fresh fruit for some added sweetness.

Beach balls are simply another word for summer, don't you think?  Don't you just love these light and brightly colored balls that bounce through the air like fluttering butterflies gliding from flower to flower?

So come along.....have some fun........we are going to kick up our heels in the sand!   I wish you all a very enjoyable and pleasingly good time wherever your playful summer plans take you, but especially during your time at the beach.