Saturday, January 9, 2021

Finding Beauty in Winter Snow

What a journey this past year has been.  I am sure you will agree with me too.  With the holidays over and winter still in our midst, it is time to focus on whatever beauty is in our presence until Spring arrives.  For now, the focus is on winter's shimmering majesty.  Although the winter temperatures can sometimes be brutal, the freshly fallen snow can create a gleaming scenic, picturesque tapestry of vivid white and rich, exquisite green. Bright and lustrous snowflakes are something which are a work of art all of its own and is a picture of glistening beauty with each brilliant and dazzling flake.

To concentrate on this fascination, I chose to design a winter tablescape around the beauty and sparkle of snowflakes and ice crystals.  The pattern of each snowflake in nature is unique and creatively different.  It is reflected in the various patterns used in the table's beaded snowflake runner, gold and silver snowflake salad plates, the glittery snowflake for each place setting and all of the ice in the branches, centerpiece bowl, crystal votive candle holders and crystal trees.  

The gold heart-shaped floating candles make a simple table centerpiece, but lends a soft glow and tranquil reflection from the water, crystals and floating stars.  There is something calming and peaceful when incorporating water, frozen or not, into the table design.  It is like sitting at the edge of a pier watching the glimmer of the evening sun reflecting off of the lake's water.  Serenity and beauty like that of the summer, but now captured in a winter  tablescape.  

Winter beauty as my inspiration...............

Some feathery ice crystals form an intricate pattern on the glass door.

Snowflakes accumulated beauty..........

I hope you, too, can find peace and comfort in some of nature's winter wonder.