Sunday, December 31, 2017


Belief.  We are not necessarily referring to our faith and belief in God at this moment.  Although this is so important because it is our faith which influences us all in everything we do.  No, instead what I mean is a belief in another person.  It is a subject which I feel is appropriate to mention especially as we approach a new year and we look to make a difference in the lives of those around us as the unused days ahead unfold.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where someone encouraged you no matter what the odds and no matter how much you doubted yourself or the circumstance?  A belief in you that even you didn't have in yourself or didn't even see.  It says a lot, doesn't it?  It sounds empowering and it is.  They must have seen something so overwhelmingly certain and so positive to be able to say to you, "go for it."  Did they have a crystal ball or did they happen to believe in the capabilities they saw in you?

Did you ever have this happen to you?  Or did you ever see this in others and engaged in this kind of loving encouragement?  To me, it is like having a guardian angel.

So, as we look to "be someone's angel" in the upcoming days and to celebrate with fresh resolutions for the New Year holiday, I want to inspire you with this lovely photo of a iron garden gate in the shape of an angel found on Facebook (from: Vintage Belle Broken China Jewelry, image source: along with this provoking thought regarding the belief in the goodness and potential in others.  This belief and positive steadfast assurance can and does change the life of others.

In addition, some angel food cupcakes and pecan cookies with coffee are served as a dessert at this "heavenly" table to help celebrate the New Year.

Therefore, this week's tablescape, hopefully, captures the glory of angels or those loved ones in our lives who do the work like angels on earth.  These dedicated, insightful patrons embody an unending and unwavering conviction, acceptance and sureness of our recognized talents or qualified capacity and lovingly cheer and inspire us to take action.  It is a great gift to give to someone that has a lasting and consequential impact.  Happy New Year.