Let It Snow.....

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Traditional Red and Green Christmas

The Christmas season...a time when our family home was filled to standing room only with friends and relatives.  The freshly cut, fragrant fraser fir tree with white lights and shiny red and green glass balls stood brightly in the living room corner as the delicate strands of tinsel glistened on the tree's branches .  I can still taste the pleasant cherry-flavored candy "cherries" which hung on the tree's branches from their wire embedded in the candy balls.

It is some of these small details from Christmas past which inspired my work for this year's Christmas in the Mansion at the Rahr Art Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  For me, the colors of red and green will forever best represent the Christmas season and when it came time to select the items for the tree at the museum, it became quite clear to me that the traditional red and green tree will be this year's theme.  In fact, I loved the results so much that my work at the museum has lead me to do a traditional red and green tablescape at home.   Both are included in this post with hope that it will add to the cheerful excitement of the holiday.

Remember...the exhibit runs through January 7, 2017 and is located at 610 North Eighth Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin .  The museum's admission is free and they are closed on Mondays.  You can check their website at Rahr West Art Museum for their specific hours if you wish to stop by to view the exhibit.

The theme's description reads:

A Traditional Red and Green Christmas

As the family gathers around the elegant Christmas table for the scrumptious holiday evening meal and prayer, the fluffy, glittery snow gently falls as carolers softly sing outside the frosty window.  The scent of pine fills the candle-lit room as the red and green tree glows brightly for the traditional Christmas.

Be sure to stop back at The Little Yellow Corner Store to see the complete tour of Christmas in the Mansion 2016 in my next post.  There are so many talented designers who have decorated the mansion this year in varied and unique ways.  It surely will arouse your anticipation for the Christmas holiday.