Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fallen Leaves on the Front Porch

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Fall season.  This is the perfect time of year where being outside is the most enjoyable, at least here in Wisconsin.  The temperatures are cool, the air is fresh and crisp and there are no mosquitos.

As the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaches and the days grow shorter, some remaining time on the front porch is necessary before the close of the season and the snow begins to blanket everything.  It is time to take a moment out of the day to watch the leaves fall, read, have a snack and, later at the close of the day, an opportunity to give thanks for being so blessed.  Come join me as we share some stories or just collect our thoughts and enjoy the silence on the front porch.

One can be at peace among the kaleidoscope of colors.  Some of the trees are displaying their brightest of colors and it is a thrill to view their variety from the front porch.

Healthy snacks seem to taste a little better when you can enjoy them while sitting among nature.  It is almost like having a mini picnic.  Some tortilla chips and taco hummus is so tasty and enjoyable while taking a mid-afternoon break to read your favorite magazine article.

As night falls, the front porch becomes even more cozier.  A thick sweater or a bulky throw is perfect as the sun sets and the porch begins to glow.

So much to be thankful for.  A beautiful autumn day and the serenity which accompanies its end.  I wish you many more tranquil and peaceful Fall days ahead and an early wish for a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.