Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ahoy....Let's Sail......Lake Michigan Inspired Nautical Themed Tablescape

It is fishing and boating time!  The weather forecast is predicting nice temperatures in the 60's and sunny.  Time to think about outdoor activities.  Because my husband, Mr. G, loves to fish for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan and has recently purchased his new toy, a GPS/Fish Finder for his Boston Whaler boat, he is spending time gearing up for the fishing season.  Although I do not fish with him, I seem to catch the excitement.

Lake Michigan is a beautiful lake at any time of the year,  particularly during summer.  I love how it takes on so many shades of color, from a sage green, aqua, sky blue, deep blue to smoky gray.   Here are some pictures from various times of the year and from the shores near Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

So in honor of this lovely lake and all of its glory and wonderful opportunities for enjoyment, I became inspired  and decided to create a nautical themed tablescape.  It has taken me some time to put this tablesetting together because many of the pieces took me time to sew or create, such as the anchor print table topper for the small table, the striped flags, the napkins and the frosted stenciled glasses. (Not to mention the great deal of time and practice getting the folded sailboat napkins to stand up straight on the plate.)

Now that it is finally together,  I can say that there is some thing about navy blue and white with accents of red that automatically makes me think of ships, boats, yachts and sailboats. (Or perhaps it is because of watching too many episodes of The Love Boat.)   Seriously,  I love the pop of the red color and the use of natural elements such as sand and seashells.

I could spend the whole day sitting on the beach of Lake Michigan and watch the sparkling water and dancing boats while breathing the fresh cool crisp air.  It is so invigorating and relaxing.  So mate, come on board and enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat, watch a sunset or a sunrise, catch a fish or just be surrounded by the crystal blue rippling waves.