Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Rustic Beach Vignette

I often come across articles online or in magazines that feature beautiful seaside homes.  Generally, they display their beautiful interiors painted with the sky blue, white and lemony yellow.  Who wouldn't be attracted to such bright and uplifting surroundings?  As a result of living in a log home, the option of creating the light and airy feel that you achieve with the beach-side cottage just isn't quite the same.  However, it doesn't rule out a beach feel entirely since incorporating a rustic beach vignette allows me to appreciate the beach theme in a log home. My love for the beach, sand, surf and water is portrayed in my cocktail table vignette.   This vignette, with all of it's natural elements, is still in keeping with the rustic and natural feel that a log home conveys.   And even though our cold and rainy temperatures outside include a brisk, chilly wind and our fireplace is once more in the works (as you can see in one of the pictures below), my sweet little vignette reminds me of my warm, tranquil days at a beach picnic with my lovely sister. 

So grab your picnic basket, blanket and a good book, the beach is the spot for good eating, reading and great conversations with friends or family.  (Or for now, it can be around my cocktail table too.)