Friday, January 30, 2015

Yet Another Category

As I was looking through my blog, I realized yet another category was missing.  I recently came across a Pinterest pin for Valentine's Day that I decided to try to make because of its low cost and few materials involved.  It was a cute crystallized pipe cleaner heart.  So appropriate for my Valentine's Day table theme and this cute little heart would embellish the table with more interesting details.  All that was required to make this precious heart was white pipe cleaners, water, powdered borax (1/3 C), string, a wooden dowel and a medium size mason jar.

I love the thought of adding sweet little details to a table arrangement for so little cost.  So when I thought it might be something fun to share with others, I thought of my blog.  However, in reviewing my categories, it didn't quite fit into any that were there.  So.......ta da.....another category.  This one will be Frugal Frittering.  I think it will be used specifically for these type of art/home decor projects unless they are related to the Christmas, Fall or Spring theme.  In that case, it will be under Christmas Decor, Autumn Treasures or Spring Decor.  This category will allow me to concentrate on things that were created for next to nothing.  So, hopefully, you will find things in this category that will have a big impact or a wow factor, but won't be detrimental to a budget.  Enjoy....Frugal Frittering.