Saturday, May 1, 2021

Motherhood-Seen in a Whole New Light and Tablescape

Happy Mother's Day!  (Sunday, May 9, 2021)  Spring is here and it is a lovely time of year.  This Mother's Day is particularly special for me since my daughter, as a new mom of a nine month old, is celebrating Mother's Day too for the first time.  She is a loving and caring mom of a little boy, Owen, who is playful and curious and has captured my heart all over again.  

I say this because I see motherhood in a whole new light.  A perspective that I didn't have many years ago as a new mother myself.  I am more thrilled than ever that I presently get to observe things that I unknowingly missed as a new mom.  Looking back as a mother and the arrival of my daughter who was my first born, I was so much into navigating the role of being a unexperienced new mom that I didn't fully recognize and acknowledge the beauty and miracle of a growing child.  My focus was more on doing things for the first time and doing it right.  However, now I can fully see motherhood through my daughter's love and relationship with her new baby son.  In a sense, it is like reliving the childhood of my own children through the growth, development and bonding I see going on with my grandson.   While awake or asleep, I have seen a smile or two from my grandson that I could say were that of my daughter. 

To celebrate this precious moment, I decided to also design and incorporate a special theme to my Mother's Day tablescape.  Since sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidery were hobbies my mother enjoyed, I decided to add these touches to my tablescape in her honor.  So I began with my table topper.  The topper is sewn together with various patterns and squares from fat quarter samples given to me from my sister. I loved the various patterns since they are a perfect reminder of the various fabrics and patterns that my mom used in her sewing projects.  Like a lovely multi-pattern quilt, the topper sets the stage for hobbies much loved and adored.  


The second step to assembling this memorable tablescape was the sewing box centerpiece.  This blue sewing box designed with various flowers of daisies, red geraniums and purple lavender seemed to say that it was the perfect match for the table topper.  Filled with daisies, pink roses, lily of the valley, baby breath and purple nierembergia, it both stands out and blends in with the busy pattern of the topper.  Accented with sewing scissors, pink spools of thread and blue yarn balls with knitting needles, the centerpiece started to unfold my theme for the table.

My choice of dinnerware was this set of whimsical pastel colored dishes and cups from Mikasa Country Flair.   The subtle colors of pink, blue, yellow and green blends in with the colors of the quilted table topper.  To bring out the pink in the table, each place setting is topped with a Cynthia Rowley bright pink melamine flower bowl filled with cute sewing theme and floral buttons and spools of colored thread. Who doesn't love the mix of patterns in a quilt.  If you know me, the more patterns --the better!  And who can't forget adding more whimsy!

A few years back around Christmas time, I came across these gold and pink floppy hats.  I purchased four at the time since I knew that in the future they would make a lovely napkin ring accent for Mother's Day.  I decided to embellish them with more white lace and blue and white gingham ribbon and attached them with a clip to a napkin ring made with faux greenery.  

So in keeping with a floppy hat theme, I was also inspired to make these floral floppy hat pin cushions as party gifts.  They are so sweet when decorated with ribbon, pearl hat pins and bobbins.  

And since I am very fond of cherry pie, I had to make a cherry pie pin cushion.  Gosh, I am so hungry for cherry pie after putting together this cute pin cushion complete with spool pins.  Since I had plenty of red velour fabric and cream colored lace, it made the perfect red cherry pie with lovely crimped lace pie crust placed into a red and white gingham pie plate.  

As I researched all sorts of sewing notions and supplies, I came across various patterns to make my own embroidery and sewing needle holder.  In all honesty, I really needed one myself since I was always using any scrap of fabric to house my collection of needles.  (And like my mother, sometimes housed my sewing needles on kitchen curtains.)  Therefore, I thought a lovely daisy embroidery/sewing needle holder complete with green leaves and a bumble bee button would fit perfectly into the hobby themed tablescape and would once again be a cherished gift for anyone who uses a needle from time to time.  

In addition, I have a bit of exciting news.  My sister has invited me to join her in offering for sale some of my inventory of dinnerware and Christmas items to her Ebay store, Craftygrannie's Forever Christmas.  I am happy to announce that I have agreed and will be combining items with her array of collectible Christmas ornaments.  Since my stock has become quite large over the many years of tablescaping and volunteer work at Christmas at the local art museum, I must reduce my collection.  Therefore, if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the display items that have been featured in my former settings and is now listed in the store, please feel free to check out Craftygrannie's Forever Christmas in Ebay at this link:  You can also click on her logo in the side bar of my blog. 

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Wishing you all..........A very happy and memorable Mother's Day!


  1. So adorable Marsha! I love the sewing theme and all the cute pin cushions, scissors, knitting needles and thread, just adorable! Wonderful centerpiece! What a lovely tribute to your mom. Owen is a beautiful baby, you are so blessed! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Cute! Thank you for sharing on Happiness is Homemade at!

  3. Such a precious baby! Babies are such a miracle so special for your daughter and your family. Your table is is sweet and a nice tribute to your Mom. Love that she pinned needles to the curtains. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Thank you for sharing those precious photographs of your gorgeous grandbaby! I so enjoyed reading your perspective. I agree, when it is your own newborn, it's easy to miss things because it can be so overwhelming! What a beautiful tablescape, so full of meaning. Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party Community. Have a lovely Mother's Day!

  5. Marsha, your table is so unique. How adorable everything is. A lovely tribute to mom. I am happy to feature your sweet table today at Love Your Creativity. happy Mother's Day.

  6. Marsha, what a wonderful, new perspective of looking at Mother's Day, both forward and back. Owen is a beautiful baby, and I am particularly fond of the cuddly age of around 9 mos. I can't wait for my grandchild to arrive. My daughter and her husband are so excited. She is now 22 weeks, and we know it's a girl.
    What you've created for a tribute to your mother is very special, as are all of your tablescapes. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Marsha, you really outdid yourself with this center piece. I love your take on Mother's day, photos of your grand baby (precious) and how easy it is to get caught up in the here and now, but miss vital moments!
    Thank you for sharing this great post at Friday with Friends link party.