Sunday, November 25, 2018

Small Touches of Christmas

With the holiday season full of so many festive events and things to get accomplished, do you find that your busy schedule makes it difficult to decorate for Christmas?  Like everyone who is limited in decorating time, I, too, have also come to rely on shortcuts to decorating.  As a result, I must look to add just some small touches of Christmas throughout the house.  Of course, I still do love to take on greater Christmas decorating, but at times when it is not possible, small touches can still make a significant impact.  These small touches may not seem like much, but it does add up to look a whole lot like Christmas.

First, to take on such a task, I have come to simplify my efforts by concentrating on just a few areas in a room and it appears to work well.  One easy to do tip is to pick a neutral area, such as a china cabinet.  My china cabinet, which houses two dinnerware sets and crystal glasses, can easily be changed up with Christmas pieces, such as colorful napkins and ornaments for the holiday season.  The results are significant but the time to decorate is minimal.   Let's take a look.

I started by removing this year's Fall decor from the china cabinet, which was sunflowers and pumpkins.  The white and burnt orange velvet pumpkins embellished the top of the cabinet and white ceramic pumpkins decorated the inside.

And now with a few changes, it is ready for Christmas.  The sunflowers and pumpkins inside the cabinet were replaced with a bright pop of color from red poinsettia stems, white napkins trimmed with red lace and green ornaments. Of course, the top of the cabinet includes a holly garland, two mini trees, candlesticks, red and green ornaments and a beautiful white ceramic angel.

Another way to make a huge statement in a room without a great deal of time and effort is by choosing a full pre-lit garland for a fireplace mantel. With a few additional embellishments like white poinsettias, red roses, ice branches and a rope garland, it can transform your mantel into a beautiful show piece.

Next, a lovely red cardinal swag can easily make a warm and welcoming statement in the front entrance.  This single item located next to the front door is simple to create and yet, leaves a beautiful lasting impression for visitors.

It becomes even more inviting and memorable when lit at night.

Another cute item which might bring a small touch of Christmas to a bathroom is this adorable washcloth cake roll.  Made with one dark brown washcloth and a white washcloth for the "cream" center, this cake roll is close to looking like the real thing.

Lastly, a few snowflakes on the french doors leading to the dining room is an easy way to add a little winter interest to the room.  The spray snow and a snowflake stencil can create a beautiful display that can be appreciated all winter long.

Next week, a few outside lights and decor and, of course, the Christmas tree can be added.  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Enjoy your holiday decorating experience.


  1. All your Christmas touches are beautiful, but that cloth log is genius! So cute!


  2. I am still working on getting my Christmas decorating going. Seems like I'm dragging along this year. I like all of your ideas and love that yule log made with washcloths! How cute is that! The snowflakes on the french doors is a wonderful touch. You have a lovely home.

  3. I was flipping through your photos, and I swear I could see elves at work...then I went back to check...and thought I saw Santa's butt go up the chimney----Lovely tour!

  4. Your Christmas decorate is beautiful. I love your fireplace. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. You are one of this week's features.

  5. What a gorgeous cabinet!I am enchanted with your decoration!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Marsha. I am so glad you joined us. Your Christmas touches are so pretty.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".

  7. What a cute idea with the washcloths! Thanks for sharing this at Home Sweet Home and have a Merry Christmas!