Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas in the Mansion 2018

Are you someone who enjoys driving through various neighborhoods to see the unique outdoor Christmas displays at this time of year?  Do you look forward to the weekly television shows before the holiday which engages in Christmas light and decor competitions from families all over the country?  Are you the first to browse through home improvement stores for new Christmas light designs in hope of purchasing something unique and different from last year?

If you said yes to any or all of the above questions, you may also enjoy this year's display, Christmas in the Mansion, at the Rahr Art Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin which runs until January 6, 2019. For hours and directions, visit their website at  Each year, the museum offers the community free admission to see this lovely decorated 1891 Queen Anne home of the former, original owners, Joseph and Mary Vilas.  It is a pleasure and a honor for me to be able to decorate a room for the Christmas holiday in this exquisite setting .This is my sixth year of decorating the mansion and each year I eagerly look forward to it as it was the first and anxiously wait to see it finished in it's complete glorious entirety.

Although the conservatory, the room which I was asked to decorate this year, was quite small and odd-shaped, it was, nonetheless, a great joy to watch it evolve and finally come to completion with the help of my sweet sister. Having been overcome with a very bad cold, she stepped in to help and comfort me at the same time. The theme which was chosen for the room was inspired by some of the homemade angel wing ornaments which I have made throughout the year and was incorporated with white, antique gold and silver decor. To see how the angel wing ornaments were used in a past tablescape post entitled, Belief, you can view it at  The description of the theme for the room at the mansion, entitled, An Angel's Visit, was included in the exhibit's display card below.)  It reads:

An Angel's Visit

Their nurturing visit comes every day giving us comfort.
Their love gently reminds us of our earthly purpose.
Do good, serve and love one another.

So let's begin our tour of the mansion starting with the conservatory including its two trees, one in gold and the other in silver.  I hope you enjoy the variety of decorating ideas throughout this gorgeous venue  Ones which may vary from contemporary to traditional and with trees in either upright to upside down positions.  It is all here for you to enjoy and brighten your Christmas spirit.  You may find that there is an idea or two for your own holiday decorating needs.

And now.....the conservatory.

Onto the other rooms of this elegant former home starting with the adjoining room to the conservatory and a room known as the music room for the family which lived in the house.

Thank you for joining me in a sneak peek of some of the uniquely decorated rooms for the holiday.  Don't forget if you are in the vicinity, stop in at the mansion for a complete tour yourself.  May your holiday season be filled with peace and joy.

Season's Greetings


  1. Beautiful Christmas decorations at the beautiful mansion and the collection of trees is awesome ! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I'm pinning it.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Oh.. my.. it is all so beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the blue sparkly birds :) This reminds me of when I went to the christmas mansions in newport, Rhode island a few years ago. If you ever get to go, I highly recommend it!