Saturday, May 26, 2018

Let's Go Cruising On the Front Porch

Finally, like the bears after hibernation, it is that time of the year to emerge from the long lasting winter's grip in Wisconsin, take the first deep and invigorating inhalation of fresh, earthy air and begin to enjoy the lush green outdoors and long awaited blossoms.  Spring was so late in arriving this year and yet, up until last week, it still had stumbled with extreme temperature changes from cold to now hot and humid and varied from day to day.

To celebrate all things coming alive, it all starts with preparing, planting and decorating outdoor spaces, like the garden, patio and the front porch for the warm weather season. This year's front porch theme will have a nautical element and will include colors taken from the front yard flower bed planting of blue salvias and yellow marigolds.  Spring is also the start of the fishing and boating season on Lake Michigan, so one must take every opportunity to enjoy the calm waters, soft sandy beaches and beautiful blue sky.  However, on days more windier than others, the nautical front porch will be a place of substitution.   When being on the lake is not possible, the nautical front porch is an ideal alternative to sit, relax and enjoy some simple pleasures.

Lets see how much of a sailor you are while you come on deck to enjoy some cool, summer-like lemon blueberry trifle dessert, some chilled wine and cheerful fun on the following nautical front porch.

Tart and sweet, this refreshing lemon blueberry trifle makes a perfect dessert for everyone gathered on the front porch.

Who can't help feeling excited with the return of Spring and the plans ahead for the summer season?  I do agree.....adventure awaits!

I can't wait until the flowers grow big and fill up the front bed with bright and eye-catching color.

Thank you for cruising with me on the sunny nautical front porch!  


  1. Love your porch decor and plantings, Marsha! A couple weekly shots of Miracle Gro in the hose dispenser and those flowers will be full, full, full!

  2. The trifle looks so delicious and beautifully put together! Love the nautical porch them and the yellow goes so well with the blue and white. The marigolds will make quite a statement as soon as they’re all filled in. You have a beautiful home. Are you experiencing the heatwave like we are here too?

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shot of your home like this one Marsha. It’s truly beautiful!

    That trifle looks amazing, and you styled everything so nicely.

    I bet in less than two weeks time those flowers will be filled in and really bring the pop of color you’re hoping for. They will look great against the backdrop of your home.


  4. Love your blue and yellow porch! Sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer!

  5. The yellow accents really take the blue and white up a notch! I could easily spend an afternoon on your porch. Wine, food and a view -- what could be better?

  6. I'm into all things nautical these days and I love everything about this! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story and have a great weekend.

  7. Fabulous front porch. My mouth is watering your yummy looking dessert.