Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Christmas Tour Through the Mansion 2017

Are you still looking for some new, dramatic and breathtaking Christmas decorating ideas to complete your holiday preparations?  First off, if you happened to have missed last week's posting,  Forest Friends at Christmas, you can still find it here:  (Forest Friends).  The Forest Friends at Christmas tablescape was one of twenty eight other gorgeous Christmas table settings prepared for the Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop made available during the week of December 4-8th.  Let me still recommend visiting this blog hop as the first of my two suggestions to you.   If you visit each of the blog links listed at the end of the Forest Friends article, it is most certain that it will give you many decorating ideas specifically for the dining room.

And if you are also contemplating on how to decorate your Christmas tree or other areas of your home, consider this post, A Christmas Tour Through the Mansion 2017.   This tour of the Rahr West Art Museum was a promise I had made in my previous article about the work that I had completed at the museum.  My commitment was to take you through the rest of the stately mansion filled with some captivating and, in some cases, glamorously flamboyant holiday decorations.   It is guaranteed to have you enthusiastic and excited for the arrival of the Christmas holiday.

I was amazed and you will be too at some of this year's Christmas decorations at the Rahr West Art Museum's display, Christmas in the Mansion.  Each year, I eagerly look forward to their striking display of some beautiful and inspiring trees and decor.  This event never fails to surprise me with some unique ideas and very different Christmas decorating trends.   You can always be certain of coming away from your visit mesmerized by rooms filled with bright and cheerful dazzle which, consequently, leaves you feeling happy and full of holiday joy.  As one of the participating designers this year, I found that it was even more fun and exciting to have the honor to decorate a part of this former elegant historic home.  If you happen to have missed the previous posting, which included my own work of the museum's entrance, visit Experiencing Grandma's Country Christmas.  I hope you will now enjoy the remainder of the tour with the other prominent designs. (Please note that the day I took these pictures, the trees were not yet lit until there was a visit from Santa that evening.) Remember, if you wish to visit the mansion to see the display in person, it will be open to the public until January 7, 2018.  Visit their website for the address and further details at Rahr West Art Museum

So lets start our visit at the entrance of the mansion.......

What a beautiful collection of aluminum trees, don't you think?   It beckons me to decorate one myself.  Sure brings back memories of my childhood when the family had a large aluminum tree in silver in a corner of the living room complete with the color wheel and, of course, the candy cherries on wire. 

I hope you found yourself smiling as you enjoyed your visit through the mansion.  It gives me great joy to have fired up some Christmas spirit.   Happy decorating........


  1. Loving your tour! Oh my! Your tree is just beautiful and I love your mantle too. You did a tremendous job.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Everything here is so pretty and the aluminum tree with the reflector brought back lots of memories. That's the kind of tree we had when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing these pictures and for linking up with us this week at Celebrate Your Story.

  3. Marsha, I so enjoyed the tour! The aluminum trees with the color wheel brings back my childhood memories! They were the rage! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Thank you for sharing on the Whisk It Wednesday link party/ I hope to see you there tomorrow. Merry Christmas! Carrie @ Carrie's Home Cooking