Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Earthy Moss of Spring

The beginning of Spring always seems to bring to mind brightly colored tulips, daffodils and crocuses, but there is also something more than a visual display of kaleidoscopic color to the start of the season.  The sense of smell is second to sight when it comes to experiencing one's natural odoriferous surroundings and describing the distinctive sweet scent of Spring.

What can one say about the fresh, earthy scent that lingers after the first Spring rain?  The exhilarating aroma of wet soil permeates the faint, cool breeze that has both humans and birds dancing in celebration of Spring's final arrival.  After the long frigid winter comes to an end and the ice and snow has melted, a walk through a dense, shaded forest is even more invigorating and restorative.  What could be more serene than following a winding, twisting stream.   Each step offers the perfect occasion to breath deeply the moist, musty, aromatic air.

The following picture comes comparatively close to the calm, tranquil setting that I am attempting to describe.  Doesn't this image make you feel that you are standing among this lush moss green paradise while inhaling the dank fragrance of the woods?  It is this image that became the inspiration for the Earthy Moss of Spring tablescape that you are about to see.

In collaboration with other tablescape designers this week, we celebrate Spring with many diverse tablesettings of every kind in the Spring Time Tablescape Blog Hop which runs the entire week of March 19 - 23, 2018.   Please be sure to visit all of the blogs by clicking on each link at the end of this post so that you may revel in and appreciate the abundant variations of Spring-themed tablescapes.

So lets come together at the Earthy Moss of Spring tablescape which was created to capture the mood that this photo truly conveys about the sweet smelling essence of Spring.

Since we are so close to the Easter holiday, a moss green ceramic bunny and some Easter eggs are perfect decor pieces that add an Easter element to this Spring tablescape.

The late afternoon sun shines onto the table decorated with fern leaves, moss balls and succulents like the rays of sun streaming through the forest trees and illuminates the trickling water.

I hope you enjoyed your time at this soothing and restful Earthy Moss of Spring table.  Now are you ready to visit some of the other exceptional blogs with their impressive Spring tablescapes?  Just click on the following links to visit each of them:






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