Friday, November 18, 2016

A Softhearted Sentiment for the Snowman

Most all of us have some fond memories of watching the 1969 classic children's special program, Frosty the Snowman, each Christmas season as we were growing up.  This animated program brought so much fun and joy to the winter holiday both to me as a young girl and later as it was aired during my own son's and daughter's childhood.

I am sure you can recall in this tender Christmas special, all of the difficult attempts that Karen, Hocus Pocus (Professor Hinkle's rabbit) and the other children go through to keep Frosty, their snowman, alive in the cold and by retaining the magic hat that belonged to Professor Hinkle (the magician) who wants the hat back.  In the beginning of the story, the rabbit, Hocus Pocus, hops away with the hat from the Professor only to be found and used by the children at recess to create the snowman and make it come alive.  In the end with the help of Santa, Frosty is revived from being melted while being locked inside a poinsettia greenhouse with Karen by the mischievous Professor Hinkle and we are told by Santa that Frosty never dies because he is made of Christmas snow that returns each year.  Who can possibly forget the jolly snowman with his coal for eyes, a button nose, his corn cob pipe and, of course, the magic hat. 

What a cheerful, lighthearted and jovial program for both children and adults alike. Are you gushy and ready to start singing the song, Frosty the Snowman, which inspired the television special?  The sweet, nostalgic television special and its inspirational song gave me the dreamy idea to use my snowman decor items once again, but this time in a tablescape and not just a vignette.  With all of its cuteness, it is deserving of being a complete four-person setting.

So turn on your Christmas music, grab your cup of hot chocolate and snowmen marshmallows and enjoy your magical trip down memory lane.

Welcome to the Snowman Tablescape....

Some chubby chocolate snowman madeleines can top off the snowy celebration.

Stay tune for an upcoming post regarding Christmas in the Mansion 2016 at the Rahr Art Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Preparations are being made for the opening starting November 23, 2016 to January 8, 2017.  Once again the museum will be full of gorgeous Christmas decor that can help to add to the excitement of the holiday season.


  1. I must say you have an impressive collection of dinnerware, and you know how to use them! I do indeed remember that movie, though admittedly not with as much detail as you do. Such a sweet movie, and your tablescape does it justice.

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  2. Oh my gosh this is so cute and right on time for the first snowy weather coming! The snowmen are so cheerful and make me smile. Love the plates and napkins. Using the blue theme is is perfect. I remember that Frosty the Snowman cartoon very well. Back in the day you had to wait to see it once a year! Love that it was your inspiration for this tablescape!

  3. Your table is so cute! I love Snowmen and your plates are adorable.

  4. Who can resist a snowman, and you have such a happy collection! I was smiling all the way through your snowy post!

  5. What a fun and festive snowman tablescape! It's very inviting and so well done.

  6. I love the snowman tablescape! Fabulous styling!