Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fond du Lac County Breakfast on the Farm 2016

Wooo Hooo....what a beautiful day on yet another farm.   Even though I have already attended the Manitowoc County Breakfast on the Farm on June 12, 2016, I couldn't help but take advantage of the gorgeous weather this past Sunday, June 26, 2016, and add one more farm trip to my summer schedule by visiting the J and J Pickart Farm in Fond du Lac County for their Breakfast on the Farm.  Although my previous post announced the Strutz farm event, this post will include the highlights from both of the visits.

On this beautiful day with comfortable temperatures and a cool breeze, it was reason enough to be out and about in the countryside. It also gave me the opportunity to compare the two different events and to share the results with you.

Both events took place near a stunning, picturesque lake.  The J and J Pickart Farm in Malone, Wisconsin in Fond du Lac County is located overlooking acres of land situated along the beautiful Lake Winnebago and is in the heart of the vast terrain dotted with windmills.

The farm has plenty of family fun besides the yummy breakfast and $1 ice cream.  There are animals to feed, clowns, cheese tasting and tractor-pulled wagon rides through the grounds.

The huge farm equipment is something to please the men folk too.  Even though I do not know much about farm equipment, I must admit that these pieces of equipment are certainly impressive just purely by size alone.

And if you wish to compare farm equipment of today to the machinery of the past, they also had the antique equipment on display at the farm as well.

And, of course, saving my favorite part of the farm tour for last......sweet adorable cows.

All in all, a beautiful day in a very lovely setting.

Coming up are highlights from my previous visit to the Manitowoc County Breakfast on the Farm.  This farm was situated near the shores of Lake Michigan.
Photo courtesy of the Manitowoc County Breakfast on the Farm-Facebook Page 

Tractor drawn wagons take visitors to and from the parking lot (adjacent uncultivated corn field) to the entrance of the farm.  The whole operation of the breakfast on the farm is so entirely well coordinated considering several thousand guests come through the farm to eat and take a tour of the facilities in only a few short hours.

The enormous out buildings where breakfast is served has long rows of picnic tables to sit among neighbors and fellow Wisconsinites to eat freshly scrambled eggs, sausage and other fixings such as yogurt, cinnamon bread, cheese curds, doughnut holes and orange juice, milk or coffee as a beverage.  Of course, breakfast also includes an ice cream sundae with the admission cost at the Strutz Farm.

These massive buildings house the 1100 cows that the farm acquired.

And, of course, the happy cows.

And, a bit of some dairy trivia......

Both trips to the farm were enjoyable and educational.  Such events are good wholesome family fun.  I hope you will have an opportunity next year to visit one of Wisconsin's Breakfast on the Farms.  It is sure to provide you and your family with plenty of good food and memories of being out on a working farm in the rural countryside of Wisconsin.

Thank you for joining me at both farms.


  1. Love this post, you really gave us all some wonderful info about Agriculture. I never knew the $$ amount was that much? That is amazing. I am going to have to scroll back and read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything. I loved to see their cows too, they sure do look loved and happy. Both Farms sound like a nice place to visit on a summer weekend.

  2. How fun! Your photos are so good and I love the little calf.

    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You make our day by participating. :)

  3. What a fun event! Although I live on a small farm, I would love if bigger farms in my area did something like this. I would definitely attend! Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It :)

  4. This sounds like so much fun and fun for all ages. My Grand-dad had a ranch/farm ... sweet memories!

  5. Sounds like a fun day - I like the old tractor and the new tractor next to each other. Also had no idea about how much money the cow industry is over there!

  6. Awesome ag days! I can't believe we eat that much dairy! Wow! IL is the largest pumpkin producer! LOL! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!