Saturday, June 25, 2016

Manitowoc County Garden Fair 2016

Although most everything in the way of plants and flowers have already been planted in our garden and flower beds, I couldn't resist attending the Manitowoc County Garden Fair to take a peek at any new decorative yard art, craft ideas and, of course, to admire the beautiful flowers and plants.  Do you find it hard to resist purchasing another planter full of bright and cheery flowers for "just one more spot" on your porch?  Do you find that you become inspired with ideas for your own landscape and flower beds when browsing at the variety of items that a fair of this nature can provide?  Do you have a garden fair in your area?

As always the Manitowoc County Garden Fair, which was held on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Washington Park in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was so much fun.  The entire park is full of vendors selling annuals, perennials, garden art, planters and sculptures, jewelry, apparel and accessories such as hats, home goods such as hand woven rugs and handmade pet accessories such as dog and cat collars and leashes for our furry friends and so much more.

Lively entertainment and food vendors selling various snack foods, kettle corn and homemade ice cream allows visitors a chance to spend some time to browse at a leisurely pace or linger to talk with friends and neighbors.  The day was exceptionally warm and humid, so a time out for some homemade raspberry ice cream with my sweet neighbor and some shelter from the scorching sun at a table with an umbrella was a must.

Below are some pictures and highlights of the fair that I thought you might enjoy.

We arrived a little after 10:00 a.m. and there were already crowds of people.  I think they had the same thing in mind.....come early to beat the intense heat and humidity.  I am grateful that most all of the vendors and activities were under the cool shade of the trees in the park. 

Here are some fascinating items from my walk through the garden fair at the park.   Although I couldn't take pictures of everything, I did manage to take enough pictures to give you a general idea of what the fair was like. What item do you find is your favorite?

I love the whimsy of this colorful and playful metal rooster.  I was trying real hard to think of a spot in our backyard for this rooster pictured above, but I couldn't think of an ideal spot.  (Maybe it was the else could I pass up this darling little farm animal made from painted metal?)

I am always delighted to see the many creations that artists think of from unique and "unlikely" material.   In the picture (below) of this second rooster, take a closer glimpse of the "bowl" skunk and "bunny" to the left of the rooster.  The bowl was once a feeding bowl for cows from a farm. 

This little piggy went to market.....and the other one came to my home.  Seriously, I would have loved to have either of the two piggies, but I already have two garden statues at home, one of two kissing bunnies and the other a bunny family of mom, dad and baby.  Unfortunately, I had to pass up the piggies, but aren't they a delight?

If you love art made from metal, you can find plenty of it here.

What about an adorable pet collar for your best companion on walks around the block?  This vendor had every theme imaginable.  Serious consideration of a collar for my lovable grand-pet, Tiki, was out of the question.  Tiki is a malamute and huskie mix, so the collar would have been definitely buried under all of the soft, fluffy fur.  (Tiki loves to get sausage treats instead.)


And, of course, there were plenty of annuals and perennials to select from various local vendors/greenhouse growers.

Even though brief stops to sit and rest from the heat were necessary, the lively folk music coming from the band shell made it very enjoyable to take a moment, relax and cool off.

I hope you enjoyed the fair.  Watch for the schedule of the fair in early June next year on the following Manitowoc Calendar of Events link if you intend to be in the Manitowoc area and wish to attend: Calendar of Events for Manitowoc-Two Rivers Area

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  1. Looks like a fun day. I saw a few things I would've been interested in. I like those decorative turtles!

  2. So much to look at and I bet it was fun and the rugs and birdhouses were my favorites. Thanks for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story and have a relaxing weekend.

  3. This looks like so much fun!! We love to go to events like this and the beautiful setting would make it even more special.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. :)

  4. my gosh those metal sculptures with the stained glass. i love them, but i would definitely be afraid it would get broken-or stolen!