Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art of Tablesetting Tour-Part 2

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed the previous posting regarding the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit at the Rahr Art Museum featuring my sister's tablescape entitled "Everything Santa".  (If you happen to have missed it, here is the link, A Day at the Rahr Art Museum for the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit.)

Now in this posting, we will continue our tour and browse through some of the remaining exhibits, including my own entitled "A Walk Through the Woods."  So put on some soothing music, grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine, relax and get ready to be challenged with various interpretations of what a tablescape should be.  (The title of each tablescape will precede the picture and some tablesettings may have more than one picture.) 

Happy viewing.........

This beautiful Queen Anne mansion is the home of the Rahr Art Museum.

Now lets step inside and begin the tour of the Art of Tablesetting 2015.

1.  Sole Food

2. A Palette for Your Palate

3.  Souvenirs from Cuba (1940s)

4.  Nuclear Family Dinner-Periodlic Tablesetting 

5. Giving Thanks

6.  Last Luncheon with Lincoln

7.  Julefrokost in Copenhagen

8.  College

9.  Reflections of the Past, Present and Future

10.  Happy

11.  Painted House

12.  Bridging Generations

13.  The Lord is My Shepard

14.  Simple Life

15.  Glitter

16.  A Walk Though the Woods

Thank you for visiting.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Day at the Rahr Art Museum for the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit

Why is October such an exciting time here in our area of Wisconsin?  Of course, not only is it so captivating outside with the beautiful changes of Autumn and the many colors at its peak, but it is also my yearly participation in the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit at the Rahr West Art Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin which runs from October 11, 2015 to November 8, 2015.  The exhibit was created over thirty years ago by the founder, Ms. Ruth West who started the exhibit of tablesetting with her own tablescape, but also opened it up to the community to partake with their own interpretations.  This season's tablescapes are set and the exhibit is up and running with people coming from all over the state and, in some cases, the country to view this community contributed art. 

Today was my yearly visit to the museum with my sister for a viewing of all the exhibits, including our own, as well as a time to have a "sister day"; a day to visit the exhibit, have coffee and enjoy a leisurely afternoon together.  This year, I am so proud to announce that my sweet sister was also a participant in the exhibit for the first time and created a tablescape that was exceptionally well done and outstanding.   (I say this not because she is my special sister, but that I truly believe she has a God-given talent and ability for design in anything, including tablesetting.)  Her unique creativity and talent really excelled and was expressed in her tablescape entitled, "Everything Santa".   I believe it takes some one who is truly imaginative and inspiring to be able to marry both the fun and magical fantasy of Santa with the true religious Christian meaning of the Christmas holiday with the birth of baby Jesus.  She achieves this by incorporating both her fondness for whimsy with polka dot plates, peppermint striped gifts and whimsical Santa figurines with her loving and unwavering devotion to her faith with the use of the kneeling Santa next to baby Jesus figurine as the main centerpiece of the tablescape.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures.  Next week's post will include some of the remaining tablescapes from the museum, including some pictures of my own tablescape entitled, "A Walk Though the Woods".  So I welcome you to come back next week, curl up with a hot cup of cider, tea or coffee and view this extraordinary exhibit from The Little Yellow Corner Store.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Bewitching Hour......

The wind is howling outside my door as if mischievous witches are having a wild, ladies night out.  The tall, crooked, old trees bend in the gusts of the cold, chilly wind and are silhouetted against the moon's glow of the blackened night sky.   It gives you a bone-chilling feeling, doesn't it?

Halloween is fast approaching.  Along with its creepiness, Halloween means so much more for me.  Halloween reminds me of all of those fun and cherished moments at this time of year, including high school homecoming parades, football games, garden harvests, baking pumpkin breads from homemade roasted pumpkin puree, burning MacIntosh Apple scented candles, carving pumpkins for the front porch and, of course, the sweet memories of the children enjoying each year's trick or treat. Those treasured memories, now long in the past, will always be held close to my heart even though the children are now grown adults.

So in remembrance of those wonderful heart-warming celebrations,  I continue the tradition of Halloween by crafting a whimsical Halloween tablescape.  I know it still appeals to many who are still children at heart.  I hope you and your entire family have a fun and magical Halloween.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

That Cozy Fall Feeling in a Tablescape

I can't get enough of Autumn's dramatic charm!!  How about you?  Every year in October, I seem to hold a special place in my heart for the picturesque countryside that is God's hand-painted brushstrokes of vivid color.  The rich, vibrant terrain leaves me mesmerized and drives my excitement to want to road trip to see more.

What better inspiration for an Autumn tablescape than the extraordinary colors I see in nature that is all around me.  And if that is not enough, at this time of year, I love to search online for articles entitled, "Best Scenic Fall Foliage Driving Routes in the US."  I am also a follower of travel websites which offer Fall color reports and peak color maps indicating which counties in Wisconsin are at its peak of Fall colors.  Like I said, I have an intense passion for the season's striking kaleidoscopic colors.

The following Fall tablescape is my way of replicating the stunning outdoor beauty of nature and bringing it indoors to my table.  My Fall tablescape is my reminder of Autumn's splendor and it encourages me to give thanks and humbly enjoy this gift of enchanting artistry and alluring scenery.  I hope you will enjoy it too. 

Hurray!  The mums have finally started to open.  Now everyone can finally enjoy the colors.

Have a splendid Fall season!

 Warmest Autumn Wishes,