Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art of Tablesetting Tour-Part 2

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed the previous posting regarding the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit at the Rahr Art Museum featuring my sister's tablescape entitled "Everything Santa".  (If you happen to have missed it, here is the link, A Day at the Rahr Art Museum for the Art of Tablesetting Exhibit.)

Now in this posting, we will continue our tour and browse through some of the remaining exhibits, including my own entitled "A Walk Through the Woods."  So put on some soothing music, grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine, relax and get ready to be challenged with various interpretations of what a tablescape should be.  (The title of each tablescape will precede the picture and some tablesettings may have more than one picture.) 

Happy viewing.........

This beautiful Queen Anne mansion is the home of the Rahr Art Museum.

Now lets step inside and begin the tour of the Art of Tablesetting 2015.

1.  Sole Food

2. A Palette for Your Palate

3.  Souvenirs from Cuba (1940s)

4.  Nuclear Family Dinner-Periodlic Tablesetting 

5. Giving Thanks

6.  Last Luncheon with Lincoln

7.  Julefrokost in Copenhagen

8.  College

9.  Reflections of the Past, Present and Future

10.  Happy

11.  Painted House

12.  Bridging Generations

13.  The Lord is My Shepard

14.  Simple Life

15.  Glitter

16.  A Walk Though the Woods

Thank you for visiting.



  1. The museum has a lovely historical quality to it, and the tablescapes reflect that. It looks like it must have been lots of fun Marsha!

  2. Thanks for showing us such a huge variety of tables !

  3. Gorgeous photos. I enjoyed every single one. Wow.

  4. Oh I loved every table but really got the giggles at Happy place I could live.Can I come next year? what a treat this is thanks for sharing hope your sister has the tablescaping bug now.Susie

  5. How fun. Talented ladies for sure displaying these tablescapes!


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