Saturday, October 10, 2015

That Cozy Fall Feeling in a Tablescape

I can't get enough of Autumn's dramatic charm!!  How about you?  Every year in October, I seem to hold a special place in my heart for the picturesque countryside that is God's hand-painted brushstrokes of vivid color.  The rich, vibrant terrain leaves me mesmerized and drives my excitement to want to road trip to see more.

What better inspiration for an Autumn tablescape than the extraordinary colors I see in nature that is all around me.  And if that is not enough, at this time of year, I love to search online for articles entitled, "Best Scenic Fall Foliage Driving Routes in the US."  I am also a follower of travel websites which offer Fall color reports and peak color maps indicating which counties in Wisconsin are at its peak of Fall colors.  Like I said, I have an intense passion for the season's striking kaleidoscopic colors.

The following Fall tablescape is my way of replicating the stunning outdoor beauty of nature and bringing it indoors to my table.  My Fall tablescape is my reminder of Autumn's splendor and it encourages me to give thanks and humbly enjoy this gift of enchanting artistry and alluring scenery.  I hope you will enjoy it too. 

Hurray!  The mums have finally started to open.  Now everyone can finally enjoy the colors.

Have a splendid Fall season!

 Warmest Autumn Wishes,



  1. At first glance, I thought the napkins were wood! I think it's a pretty good idea to place them that way. Practical but also adds another layer, and I'm a big fan of that! The little wagon is adorable Marsha, and everything came together so nicely and just perfect for fall in your cabin.

    I had quite a 'fallified' weekend so far, and it ain't over yet ;). Lots of fairs, getting mums, eating too much, etc. lol. We are pretty much near peak, and it's glorious!

  2. Such a pretty table and mums! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. So pretty! The fall colors are beautiful! The centerpiece and the rattan chargers work beautifully to show off the richness of the reds and golds in your table setting. I love the wagon filled with the mini pumpkins and fall leaves too. I have not done to much decorating this year, just the shelves in my dining room and the front porch. I hope to get to my storage unit in the next day or two and pick up a few Halloween items to do a tablescape next week.