Sunday, December 18, 2022

Waddling Through To Christmas

Merry Christmas!  The holiday is almost here.  Let's have some fun.  What better way to add some humor and good old fashioned joy to the Christmas holiday than to once again decorate with some jolly, peppy penguins.  The Christmas tree is filled with witty waddling black and white felt penguins with their happy, snappy smiles.  

This penguin themed tree was once used in the Rahr Art Museum's Christmas in the Mansion in 2019.  The design has now been slightly changed from incorporating white, iridescent deco mesh to adding large black and white checkered bows instead.  

You can view the Toy Room exhibit at the Rahr Art Museum here:    A Penguin Tree Exhibit

What would a penguin tree be without plenty of snowballs?

And with huge, lacy snowflakes.

Of course, there is a polka dot effect with these black and white pom pom filled ornaments.

And there are plenty of bold black and white checkered bows.

How about warm stockings?

Who can forget some shiny red and white balls?

They coordinate so well with the extra large red velvet poinsettias.  

And a whimsical tree wouldn't be whimsical without some candy.

Putting it all together with the fanciful penguins to make a storybook type of Christmas tree.

Perhaps with all of the snow and ice we see in the tree and the outdoors, we need a Penguin Hot Cocoa Tray.

Pouches of hot cocoa mix, peppermint candy canes and drops and sweet, soft marshmallows are surrounded with whimsical penguins.  Some are made of wood.

And some are ceramic like these tumbling, playful ones.

And some are made to drink from like this comical hot chocolate mug.

Who would think this little penguin could push this giant ice cube.  The big ice cube holds hot cocoa packets and peppermint drops.  It could be used to hold so many other things too like a candle, greenery, decorated stir sticks, etc.

Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa


Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Super cute penguin display with hot chocolate, your tree is just gorgeous love the details snowballs, snowflakes, I like the buffalo check ribbon