Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hanging With The Sloths

Time seems to be moving a bit slower these days.  Look who is hanging out with us during the safer at home duration.  They are perfect companions to have around during these quiet and uneventful times.  Meet Alma, Wilfred and Norman Sloth.  Each with their unique personalities.  We spend the day together just hanging around the trees, munching on fruits and veggies and snoozing under the warm, soothing sun.

What a beautiful day to hang around and enjoy each other's company.  Let me introduce you to my three friends.

Alma, a serious artistic sloth, seems to be thrilled to swing in the breeze and happily shows off her gymnastic abilities.  She loves to wear bright orange hibiscus flowers.  She believes that beauty and being fashionable always comes from accessorizing.  "The interest is in the little details", she says.  She is a "social butterfly" sloth and loves to design.  You can always find her among the trees with the most colorful flowers and greenest leaves in Spring and Summer.  However, she also enjoys Autumn when she is surrounded by all the Fall colors of red, gold and orange.  Her cheerful disposition and desire to mingle with other sloths always brings a smile to everyone she encounters.  So happy and go lucky!   When you are in her presence, life seems to be upbeat and takes on a more promising tone.  It is why everyone seems to gravitate to her.

Wilfred, a stately, reliable sloth, just loves to flex his muscles on the gymnastic rings.  (He is the handsome masculine sloth in the middle hanging from the rings in the picture below.)  Such power in those strong arms even though his long claws get in the way from time to time and result in many of his inspired jokes.  They don't, however,  stop him from exercising and strengthening his slim, but well-toned body.  Wilfred believes in taking care of his health.  He eats nutritious foods, exercises and maintains proper sleep habits.  This jovial sloth is happy to share his healthy life style tips with others and spends most of his time encouraging and caring for others so that they can benefit from a well-balanced diet and a daily workout.

Norman, our last sloth, sees things a little differently.  Norman is an independent thinker, planner and a bit of a dreamer.  He is more shy than some of the other sloths and he loves to just hang in the trees and listen to the chirping birds.  Norman is more of an intellectual and story-teller rather than a body-builder.  He loves to think......a lot.  Hanging quietly in the trees in the shadow of the leaves, he meditates on just about every subject, especially on his favorite subject of climate change and the environment.   If you ever need advice or a good listener, Norman is the number one sloth to help.

Despite their differences, Wilfred and Norman are best friends.  Their friendship seems to fit together just like pieces in a puzzle.  They compliment each other's personality resulting in a close unbreakable bond and companionship, even though to an outsider, they seem to always be at friendly odds with each other.  Their time together is fun, entertaining and is spent finding things to do that they have in common.  This quirky kinship emerges from a deep mutual respect for one another even though they are like night and day. They have seen each other through some difficult times despite the fact they come with very different viewpoints.  Such a challenge, but their supportive relationship is very satisfying, enriching and one that promotes personal growth for each of them.

What a jolly bunch!

Play time for Alma, exercise time for Wilfred and contemplation time for Norman.

Sloths....don't they just steal your heart?  They seem to be more popular than ever.  Could it be that their reserved energy and very slow movement has a special appeal?  They seem to be saying....."what's the hurry"?

Since I received the wonderful news from our daughter that she is expecting and I will be a first-time grandmother, I am overjoyed.  What better time to create this lovable sloth garland for the baby's room. It is, of course, gender neutral.   (Who knew, however,  that the sloths would be named and develop personalities.)  Surprisingly, making the garland was fun and easy and, hopefully, will bring plenty of joy to both mom, dad and the baby.

As a sample, I thought you might like to see how Alma, the artist sloth, was created from a taupe- colored wool felt and extra soft batting.  First, let's start with a template from cardboard.

The template is traced and cut out on felt.  Sewing dots were marked on the felt for easier sewing  and to help form a defined and uniform shape of a hanging sloth.

The sloth is machine sewed and turned inside out and is ready for stuffing.

Stuffed with some soft batting.

Face, body, claws and a bright orange flower are cut and are ready for glueing.

Stitched closed and all assembled, Alma is ready to swing in the trees.



And some leaves for them to find some cool shade.

They prefer residing in the flowering trees in the back of the house.  The trees overlook the farmer's corn field.

Alma is definitely in her element.....white flowers every where.

Doing what they do best as best friends.  Laughing, joking and have a great time.

Alma loves to be as playful as the boys.

It is not hard to see why this fun and humorous group brings comical entertainment to everyone.  I hope they will enjoy their new home with my daughter, her husband and the new baby.


  1. Wow how cute are those! You did a wonderful job on them and I know they'll add a lot of cuteness to the nursery! I'm a first time grandmother two of a 3 year old. What fun you have to look forward to!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I'm sure the sloths will look so cute hanging in the nursery. Congrats!

  3. They are just adorable, I love them. Pinned

  4. So cute! I'm a pediatric nurse, and the kids would love these. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations and welcome to the grandmother club - grandbabies are just the BEST thing ever! Loved your sloths and I'm sure your new grandchild will too when the time comes x

  6. This is so incredibly cute and unique! I love it!! And congrats about becoming a first-time grandmother - so exciting!

  7. So cute!Congratulations!Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. So adorable and look easy to make as well. They will look great in the nursery. Congratulations. #HomeMattersParty