Sunday, August 26, 2018

Quiet Fishing Days in Autumn

As we wrap up the busy and hot summer, it is time to plan and enjoy a few quiet weekends on some of the inland lakes.  Whether it is kayaking, canoeing, rowing in a fishing boat, or just sitting on a pier, the calm waters and fresh breezes makes for perfect relaxation.  As the long days begin to wind down and become shorter in day light, an afternoon of fishing brings serenity to a hectic summer schedule.

To help celebrate the finale of summer and the onset of the colorful fall season, an Autumn fishing themed tablescape captures those lazy afternoons on the silent, blue waters of the secluded lakes.  So grab your pole, net, bait and tackle box and join me as we sit among the cattails.  Gather at the table for some spicy and hearty Indian Samosas with Coriander Sauce and, for dessert, some sweet and juicy Peach Crisp and help bid farewell to the hot and frantic days of summer.

Some Fall mums, leaves, fruits, berries and pine cones arranged in a fishing creel basket surrounded by cattails in stone filled cylinder vases is the focus of the Autumn fishing tablescape.

These colorful sporting salad plates top off the pine cone dinner plates and galvanized steel chargers and are the inspiration pieces for this theme which can be loved by all.

Who can't resist some homemade zesty, pungent flavored Indian Samosas with Coriander Sauce?  These savory bundles of joy are packed full of wonderful flavor and learning how to make them was one of many cherished memories of working among international students from all over the world and sharing in their cultures.  It was during a Samosas-making demonstration with the students of India that I was able to join in on a truly delightful culinary experience.  Afterwards, I have been making these mouth-watering treats for my family ever since.  Watch for my next posting for the recipe and how to make these spicy little treasures.

To complete this over-the-top meal, some warm Peach Crisp topped with whipped cream helps to conclude a wonderful day at the lake.  The Peach Crisp is made with fresh, juicy peaches that are slightly sweetened with maple syrup.  Topped off with a crumb topping and served warm, it is a perfect dessert to serve after the delectable Samosas.

Was it FISH ON?  Or did the trophy fish escape?  Time to try again next week.  Sweet dreams and don't let the BIG ONE get away.

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  1. I’m always in awe over your amazing tablescapes, and truth be told green with envy over the amount of storage space you must have to own so many treasures!

    The lake looks wonderful, and the food sounds delicious. Looking forward to the recipes. :).


  2. Great tablescape...I would love a set of those we are big our family!

  3. Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!