Sunday, January 21, 2018

Faux Ice Cream

Do you find that you are sometimes on the look out for interesting decor and specialty pieces to enhance your beautifully crafted tablescapes?   Since I, and other tablescape designers who participate in the yearly Art of Tablesetting event at the Rahr Art Museum, cannot use real flowers, food or other perishable items to embellish a tablescape that is on exhibit, finding an imitation can be a bit of a challenge.  Of course, silk flowers and artificial food like bread, fruit and cupcakes can be used to accent a table when the theme warrants its usage, but at times, it becomes difficult to find an artificial substitute for a table food prop.

In preparation for this year's Valentine's Day, I decided to experiment with a new recipe I had in my collection of ideas.  This recipe is for homemade, faux ice cream and there is no better time than Valentine's Day to give it a test run when sweets and desserts (real or artificial) are plentiful and adds a decorating element to the table.

A delicious vanilla ice cream sundae topped with heart-shaped sprinkles is the perfect dessert for my upcoming Valentine's Day tablescape even though the sundae is not real.

It still looks yummy even though it is fabricated, doesn't it?

Smooth and creamy even though it is not edible.  Yet, it can still dress up a table.

This rich and silky treat is actually made as follows and is never edible even though it looks so tempting:

Faux Ice Cream

1 C White Hair Conditioner
1 C Corn Starch Powder

Mix together until blended and "serve" with an ice cream scooper in desired dish.   Garnish with sprinkles of your choice.  (A drop or two of food coloring can be added to change the color and "flavor" of the faux ice cream.  In addition, if unscented hair conditioner is used, a few drops of fruit, mint or other essential oil can be added to also add a scent to the faux ice cream.)

This recipe is an inexpensive way to take your tablescape to a new level of realism. 

Be sure to stop back again for the upcoming Valentine's Day Romantic Table for Two Blog Hop hosted by Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate and Decoration from Monday, February 5, 2018 to Friday, February 9, 2018.   The Little Yellow Corner Store will be participating and sharing the love.  Don't miss it.  The blog hop offers everyone an opportunity to obtain some great ideas to help celebrate this amorous occasion.

There is a popular saying that I seen posted on Facebook the other day pertaining to ice cream.  It reads:

Money Can't Buy Happiness
But It Can Buy Cows
And Cows Make Milk
And Milk Makes Ice Cream
And Ice Cream Makes You Happy

So my recommendation a cow.  Eat ice cream and be happy!


  1. This is such a fun faux food idea! You could easily transform the color palette to suit any holiday. Have a happy Monday!

  2. Who knew that 2 simple ingredients could create such a cute little cup of faux ice cream...looks good enough to eat!


  3. How cool is this! It looks completely believable!

  4. I can’t believe how real it look!s. What a genius idea for your table. Looking forward to blog hopping with you!

  5. Well how cool is that?! I'm filing this one under 'learn something new every day'.


  6. Wow, that is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your PJs!