Sunday, July 16, 2017

Art----In Every Day Places

I am sure there are times, especially now a days when life seems to get busier at each passing moment, when we all wonder how could the day seem to have slipped by all so quickly without much of a chance for relaxation and pleasure.  Even when we are in the time of year like summer, which is noted for its leisure and slow-pace, the day can be filled up with getting things done, whether it is in your work life or family life, the responsibilities on the to-do list are often long and continuous.  So when it comes time to the fun to-do list such as taking weekend trips, attending city festivals and parades, participating in tours to gardens, historical places, zoos or art museums, it might be one of those things that is not as easy to check off as accomplished.

Of course, this leads me to my point regarding art in every day places.  I can honestly say that I am very grateful for the fact that when I do not have the opportunity to visit any museums, galleries or art fairs, I can still enjoy creative and talented art work just by taking a drive or a walk.  The following pictures of various pieces of street art were those taken in three different cities in two different states.  The art found along Lake Michigan is in Wisconsin and the others are from Golden and Fort Collins, Colorado.  So whether I am at home in Wisconsin or visiting family in Colorado, these pieces are there to enjoy even when I cannot make a planned visit to the museum.

Therefore, this week's post is about something other than a new tablescape design.  It is about a form of sidewalk art that is available to everyone even at our busiest moments.  I hope by sharing these pictures with you that you will enjoy them too.

Wisconsin Lakefront Art:

This next picture is of the adorable little free library located along the lakefront trail.  This bright yellow library set up for exchanging books is one which is both art and function.  While taking a walk along the lakefront, this free library is available to anyone who would like to help themselves to any book at no cost or at the exchange of another book of their own while they are enjoying the serene, tranquil setting at the beach.

The following two pictures of art have a practical element to them.  Both of these colorful metal structures serve as bicycle racks where cyclists can lock up their bikes when they need a place to leave them.

Sidewalk Art from Golden and Fort Collins. Colorado:

Some of my most favorite sidewalk art are those that come from Golden, Colorado and Fort Collins, Colorado.   I could not put down my camera for one minute.

Where might you find art in every day places?  Thank you for visiting.


  1. What fun and interesting pieces! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Beautiful artwork! I especially like the bronze sculptures, but the organic, natural feel to the lake photos are very appealing as well. In fact, they're all fabulous, and how lucky you were able to visit these interesting cities!


  3. I lovr all the yard art in the gardens. Very inspirational.