Sunday, April 10, 2016

Summer Lemonade Tablescape

What would you say if we all started summer a little earlier this year?  Having developed a severe case of impatience to begin the warm weather season a bit sooner, I eagerly began putting together a summer-inspired tablescape.  For those of us living in a area where Spring is struggling to make it's entrance and we are still contending with snow, this table should help us all imagine sunny blue skies,  cold, refreshing, tart lemonade and gentle, soothing breezes.  So grab your floppy hat, sunglasses and stretch out on that reclining lawn chair to enjoy a quick glimpse into the summer bliss and playfulness which is certain to come our way.

There is no better way to cool off than with some homemade, cool after dinner mints.  These mints are great served after the fun outdoor picnic of delicious grilled BBQ chicken, creamy bacon and cheese potato salad and roasted corn-on-the-cob.

These little mints are even more refreshing when served frozen!  They make cute little treats for children too. (The recipe will be included in an upcoming post.)

What could be better than a bright sunny yellow watering can for a centerpiece flower vase. I wish I could have purchased one in every color.  I love watering cans!  The exhilarating spray of the cool, crisp water on flowers and one's toes gives instant relief to dry, thirsty soil.

Underneath the lemon yellow pinwheel napkins is the darling dinnerware set, Country Flair by Mikasa.   The set reminded me of the miniature tea sets made for children.  As a child, I could play for hours serving imaginary tea and cookies to dolls and stuffed animals from a whimsical set similar to this Mikasa set.

The little flowered snack boxes seem to add an element of surprise to the table's place settings.

And of course, the lemon snack plates and faux lemons accent the table with a fresh summery look.

The pinwheel napkin and mini accent pinwheels speak of summer days as a child frolicking in the backyard trying to catch the wind which set the pinwheel in motion.

The mixture of colors in this tablescape are like those in a summer flower garden at full bloom.  The pop of turquoise color from the glassware, tissue, flatware and napkin swirl really brings out the color in the plates, cups and tablecloth.   It is a great contrast to the sunny yellow.   Could it be rays of beautiful warm sunshine beaming down from the vibrant, tranquil blue skies?

I hope you enjoyed a bit of summer merriment.  Have a bright and happy day!


  1. What a fun, summer-y table! I love the pinwheel folded napkins with the little spiral in the middle.

  2. So much eye candy! Love the watering can for a centerpiece vase and the pinwheel napkins to match the pinwheels! A colorful box of homemade mints is the perfect party favor, So much fun!!

  3. This could not be any cuter! I love, love, LOVE the color scheme and all the beautiful details. Don't get me started on the napkin fold - fabulous!!!! Jane

  4. Oh if only I lived closer I'd bring you goodies and ask if I could come sit at your table with you. Just beautiful. Oh how I love yellow.

  5. Oh if only I lived closer I'd bring you goodies and ask if I could come sit at your table with you. Just beautiful. Oh how I love yellow.

  6. You have captured the essence of summer with this beautiful table.I would love for you to share this at Celebrate Your Story blog hop. This is the link for this week's party and I hope that you will join us.

  7. your table is so fresh and light colors blend perfectly togetherplease tell your blogging friends how to make the napkinpinwheels i would surely like to know.Susie

  8. I was (still!!) scraping ice off my windshield this morning, so your pretty pre-summer post is a warm and welcome sight! The colors are glorious and have me hoping that the warmer weather is not too far away! :)

  9. What a refreshingly beautiful table. So gorgeous and happy. Love your plates, centerpiece, and all the accessories. The napkin fold and little center detail are amazing.

  10. Thank you so much for linking up with us at Celebrate Your Story and I hope you join us again.