Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Decorating for a Log Home

Each year, as I say farewell to the hot, humid days of summer, I also begin my preparation for the crisp and colorful Fall season by collecting ideas for decorating.  (I was so excited to see and immensely enjoyed some of the gorgeous and creative Fall ideas already posted from the very talented blogging friends like you.)

The challenge in gathering decorating ideas for the beautiful Autumn season is coming up with a design that is in keeping with the style of a log home.  While searching online, I came across so many wonderful seasonal indoor and outdoor photos for turning a home into a showcase of dazzling harvest-time beauty.  Although I love all of the various styles, not all of them would work with a rustic log home.   Therefore, much of what I decided to use for Fall touches to the porch and inside decor is left up to my own personal interpretation as to what I think would harmonize with a rustic setting.  I hope you will agree with my impression of country, homespun Fall living.  In addition, while I still want to use decor appropriate to a log home, it is even more of a challenge if I want to choose something which is slightly different than what most log home owners are using in their homes.  We will see if I was able to accomplish both objectives. 

So lets start with something that was easy to put together.....the front door wreath.  A grapevine wreath is always something that easily fits into any rustic setting.  Adding some fruits, nuts, berries, feathers, sunflowers and a shimmering bow to a plain grapevine wreath provides the pop of color I need to make sure that family, friends and neighbors who visit immediately feel they are welcomed before they are invited in.

This porch bench sat empty all summer long.  It is time to dress it up a bit with color and a touch of warmth for those cool nippy days ahead.  I purchased the thick, wool-blend material to sew the throw blanket and the matching acorn pillows.  I decided that the plaid pattern of the fabric goes well with a log home and the colors of brick and navy were a little different from the traditional Fall color combinations.  Using navy blue fabric for the acorn applique allows it to stand out a bit more on the pillows and contrasts well with the bright orange color of the pumpkins and red apples.  The photo gives you a good idea of the comforting warmth of the morning sun that shines brightly on the porch and makes for a great restful place to have a hot cup of coffee to start the day. 

I hope to add a stunning pot of rust-colored mums next to the bench when they finally begin to bloom.  I love all the various colors of mums that are available.  It is certainly hard to pick just one when there was a choice of yellow, deep burgundy, lilac, white and orange/rust.

And, of course, I included in the display my burgundy red barn star.  (My husband calls it my "Macy's" star since I believe their logo also includes a red star. )  I know that barn stars have different meanings depending on the color.  I just think it looks rather charming and inviting. 

I can't forget to make a few seasonal changes to my little outdoor rake wall hanging too. 

The back yard birdbath is cleaned up and filled with mini pumpkins and flowers and moved to the front walkway to the house.

To continue, lets take a glance at the inside changes.  A few touches here and there should evoke the coziness of Fall.  I started with changing out my plate rack with my pumpkin plate collection.

The fireplace mantel is embellished with a few Autumn leaves, a star grapevine string of lights, a apothecary jar full of leaves and pinecones and some rustic, cement pumpkins.  Just enough interest among the family photos.

I often display some items on top of my hutch.  For this time of year, some leaves and a weaved plate and baskets gives a natural, but noticeable look.

A few pieces of Fall decor makes the corner reading area a place to cozy up with a good book.

Cattails and sprigs of the Chinese lantern plant, known as Physalis alkekengi (sometimes listed as P. franchetii) makes a lovely filler for my Polish crystal vase and makes an attractive cocktail table centerpiece.   Most of the color palette in the room already incorporates the Fall colors. (I love Autumn colors....can you tell?)

Although the back door doesn't get used all that often, a cute little twig wreath for the inside door is just the thing to make a plain glass door more appealing.

And, of course,  I can't forget some whimsy.......

Stop by next time for a glimpse of Fall in next week's tablescape. 


  1. Great decorating. Love your log cabin.

    1. Thank you Donna. I hope my decorating results in making it inviting and welcoming for anyone who visits.

  2. Having a log home is one of my dreams. If I keep wishing......

    1. I hope your dreams will come true. Thank you for stopping by to visit and comment. Enjoy the beautiful Fall season.

  3. I was delughted to find you via BNOTP because I too have a log cabin and it is nice to make the acquaintance of someone who 'gets it'.

    We have a couple of similar items such as the Amish rocker and my back door is the same as your front door. It's true that log homes are challenging to decorate!

    (I couldn't find your name anywhere but happy to meet you!)


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