Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mexican and Portuguese Inspired Tablescape

During my trip into town to have my haircut at the salon, I stopped in at the kitchen and dining section of TJ Maxx to spend a half hour of browsing time before my appointment.  Not really intending to buy anything, (okay, I know, I say it all the time) I walked over to the first aisle where there are markdown items (just in case I did find something I could not resist buying and having to justify.)  Well, as I carefully looked through full shelves of items, I came across a tablecloth which reminded me so much of our family's trip to Cancun, Mexico and Lagos, Portugal that I had to purchase it.   Several years back, as a family, we were fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to travel to both countries on separate occasions. While I was there, I was so happy to have purchased a few of their hand-painted ceramic plates as a sweet nostalgic reminder of this culturally flavorful trip.  They are so beautifully painted and include such bright, happy colors.  The Mexican plates are Talavera plates.  I was fortunate that the tablecloth was just the size I needed, 60 x 84" and it was on clearance.

The first picture below is of the tablecloth pattern and the second picture has the tablecloth pattern and the Talavera plate.  In my opinion, they looked like they had similar elements in design. What do you think? 

The Talavera plate reminds me so much of the beautiful blues that I was so shocked to see as we walked on the beach in Cancun, Mexico.  Don't you think their hand-painted work reflects the variation of the blues in their surroundings?

This view from the hotel balcony shows a greater variation of the blue colors, especially in contrast to the orange tiled roof.

The white puffy clouds seems to intensify the blues and seems to mirror the waves rolling in on the shoreline.

Now to incorporate the variation of the color blue with the bright, sunny orange in the Mexican and Portuguese Inspired Tablescape.  I wanted to use the tablecloth with a mix of patterns for a eclectic tablescape.

I love the fun look of the pinwheel folded napkin. 

There is something so happy about the color orange.  These oranges make a simple yet attractive centerpiece.

Care for a tasty Mimosa Sunset?  It can be made with alcohol or without.  So fruity and refreshing and it does look like a setting sun.  Pour into glasses in this order:  4 oz. of champagne (or ginger ale), 2 oz. orange juice, and top with a dash of raspberry syrup.  Garnish with raspberries and/or orange slice. 

The festive design of the various plates reminds me of the beautiful and lively Mexican culture and it's people.

Another cheerful Talavera plate.  The contrasting blue and orange colors really compete for attention.

This plate is the one from Lagos, Portugal.  I can taste the Baked Salmon with Piri Piri Sauce that I had at one of the cozy sidewalk cafes in Lagos. 

The Portuguese plate reflects the charm of the quaint city of Lagos (below).

I love the cozy, narrow streets.

Again, the orange tiled roof contrasts against the white of the buildings and the sapphire blue skies. 

However, what do you think about using the folk art design of the Mexican and Portuguese plates with the traditional pattern dinnerware, country checkered napkins and a contemporary design in the tablecloth?  Some how I thought I could get away with it.  What do you think?

Casual and fun ......and all from treasured memories. 


  1. Love that tablecloth! Your plates are perfect with it and your table setting is gorgeous. The oranges look lovely.

    1. Hi Bev,
      I am so glad you thought they all worked together. The orange color is so different to work with since I am never quite sure what other color to match it with. Nevertheless, it is a color that cheers me up. Thank you for the comment. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! I LOVE the design and colors of your tablecloth and plates from Mexico!!!! I'm a big fan of color, too!!! I have several pieces of dinnerware that I purchased at Pier 1 Imports several years ago with similar designs. They remind me of Majolica, which is an Italian version of pottery with colorful designs. I have several saved on my Pinterest page that I would love to have one day, that is if I ever visit Italy!! (https://www.pinterest.com/ann_popenfoose/mojolica-i-love-these-designs/)
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

    1. Hi Ann,
      Oh my goodness, I love your Pinterest collection of Majolica. The Italian pottery is as bright and colorful and Mexican, Portuguese and Spanish pottery. I love it. I joined your board so that I can admire all the beautiful pieces. I would love to own some Italian pottery too, but a trip to Italy is not on the agenda. I would love to see your Pier 1 pieces. Thank you for your comment and would be happy if you visited again.

  3. This is such gorgeous colors! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

    1. My pleasure! I look forward to meeting so many more creative bloggers who have such great ideas. Thank you for allowing me to join your wonderful group.

  4. Oh, my! Your Talavera dishes are drool worthy! I visited Spain on my honeymoon, many, many years ago, but I remember being into LladrĂ³ porcelain at the time, not so much Talavera pottery. Now, with age and wisdom, I wish I had gotten a few pieces of Talavera. What a beautiful table! I love the orange and blue combination! The napkin fold is perfect at this time of year, too! What a wonderful way to enjoy summer!

  5. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for the lovely comment. Spain is certainly a memorable vacation spot. We also traveled to Estepona, Spain when we also visited Lagos, Portugal. Both were stunning places. Where did you stay in Spain? I was not aware of Lladro Porcelain and looked it up. BEAUTIFUL! What lovely pieces. Do you collect them? I wouldn't mind collecting some of their pieces. Thank you for sharing your experience and visit again.

  6. It certainly was a lucky day for you to come across that particular tablecloth at TJ Max in the right size and the perfect design and colors to use for this festive summer table, and it was on clearance - how lucky can you get? I love your beautiful plates in their splendid array of patterns and colors. Orange and cobalt blue is a wonderful color combination, the way your tablescape plays on these colors is a treat for the eyes.... Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, Candy

    1. Hi Candy,
      Thank you for your warm feedback. I cannot visit TJ Maxx that often since I always manage to find such great deals. The prices are reasonable and I always seem to find something that I "fall in love with." Can't resist that now, can I ! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend too. (I can't believe it is here already.) Enjoy your entire summer too. Hugs, Marsha


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