Friday, November 22, 2013

My Themed Christmas Trees

As Thanksgiving weekend approaches, I always begin to think which themed Christmas tree I will use for the upcoming holiday.  Usually after the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner is over, the leftovers put away and the hundreds of dirty dishes has been washed and put away, the weekend continues with tree decorating.   There is nothing like a pretty tree to stir up the Christmas spirit and why not do it on the weekend that you have the most time.  

I have been quite surprised lately to find that other people have been searching for Christmas tree ideas as well.  In Pinterest, I have posted my past Christmas trees and have received many notices of when someone repins them to their own collection.  I am delighted that so many people think the trees are pretty enough to add as a favorite.  

So before I get to adding a post on this year's tree, I thought it might be fun to share those trees I have done in the past and which pictures remain on Pinterest.  So I hope you will put on your favorite Christmas music and let the pictures inspire and put you in a merry mood.  

Tree #1:  My Woodland/Rustic Tree

Tree #2:  Whoville Christmas Tree

Tree #3:  My Victorian Tree

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