Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Little Bit of Vintage

Can anyone's love for Christmas with it's many choices in decorating and celebrating styles be enough of a compelling and irresistible reason to want to create several holiday tablescapes in one season?  After seeing some gorgeous Christmas tablescapes during my participation in the Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop 2017,  I couldn't resist my nostalgic inclinations and aimed for yet another holiday tablescape entitled, A Little Bit of Vintage.

Since I did not want the holiday to pass without using some of the Christmas village buildings, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity this year to use a building or two as a decor piece, but this time placed within a apothecary jar.  Of course, as a table's centerpiece, how could I not include using the popular "little red truck" along with a string of old-fashioned color light bulbs to help create a nostalgic scene.  Nowadays, it is so heart warming to reminisce over the fact that as a child growing up in a family which included living with my uncle, there is one memory among many of my uncle being the owner of this kind of cute, cherry red truck complete with its wacky and comical horn.

So peering into this apothecary jar is like gazing back into my childhood.  Join me as we go back in time.......