Friday, June 16, 2017

Backyards BBQs and Picnics

Looking for ways to spend more time outdoors?  Do you jump at the chance to have a backyard BBQ or a picnic?  Perhaps at this time of year you are looking up recipes and ideas to host an outside gathering of this kind.  So bring out your grill, patio table and chairs and string up those outdoor party lights.  It is time to kick back for some leisure cooking and entertaining.

To start the grilling season with some fun and flavor, you might want to serve up with some spicy beef fajitas loaded with colorful peppers. These savory beef fajitas are infused with some bold flavored herbs and are perfect for quick and easy serving.

A wonderful side dish to the mouth-watering fajitas is an easy to make Mexican flavored rice.

What I have been waiting for all winter long is the opportunity for a chance to put together a "watermelon grill" with some sweet, juicy summer fruits for some playfulness and whimsy to outdoor eating. I fell in love with the idea when I happen to see something similar on Pinterest, only I knew I could make good use of an old fondue stand as a cute watermelon grill stand after it was painted melon green.  By using the metal stand instead of dowels as the legs of the grill, there was no need to worry about the grill tipping over.  Filled with fresh fruit, this grill makes for a comical conversation piece for the center of the table.

A grill......complete with ashes from charcoal.  The ash is granulated sugar colored with a tiny drop of black food dye.  Totally edible if there is anyone with a larger sweet tooth craving and a need to sweeten their fruit with the sugar "ash".

Take a peek inside the will find toasted marshmallows as "charcoal" and red hot candies for "glowing embers".  For a larger crowd of guests, the cavity of the watermelon can be used as a serving bowl to hold the additional balled fruit which is accompanied with a creamy and tangy citrus dip.

And now....for the ultimate warm weather cream sandwiches.  These individual size ice cream sandwiches are rolled in festive colored sprinkles and can be made in as many varieties as there are ice cream flavors.

A bite into this chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich can bring back memories of festivities and frolic of prior summers.

Some sandwiches are chocolate peanut butter and the others are cherry vanilla.  Yum!

So remember to get the most zest and merriment out of the summer.......have a BBQ or a picnic.

Have Fun! 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Celebrating Breakfast on the Farm 2017

Each year during June's Dairy Month, the Manitowoc Breakfast on the Farm event is attended by thousands of people who come from all over to tour and learn about a farm in Wisconsin, its animals and operation and to enjoy some of the really tasty breakfast foods served during the event, (not to mention, the ice cream sundae which is part of the finishing touch to the morning meal.)

In case you didn't catch the information in my previous post, A Watermelon Kind of Day and would like to attend while visiting Wisconsin, the event announcement is as follows:

For more details about the Manitowoc Breakfast on the Farm event or any other breakfast event in Wisconsin, you can visit the Dairy Days of Summer website to find a farm and get driving directions for your travel destination plans at

To gear up for this special day, I decided to create a farm breakfast of my own to commemorate this fun and educational family event.   My breakfast is different than the one offered by the farm, which includes a delicious scrambled egg omelet, sausage, cheese, raisin bread, yogurt, donut holes and ice cream sundaes, but my own menu selection exemplifies a wholesome and hearty country breakfast as well.  A stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream topped with black and white cow sprinkles is my favorite early morning meal. Some cheddar cheese cubes, strips of crispy bacon and a slice of juicy watermelon makes for a breakfast that is irresistible.

Perhaps some delightful flavored mini cheeseballs and crackers packaged in a mini egg carton is a perfect portable snack?  What a yummy treat to remember a day of fun.

Since children love to attend the farm breakfast, I thought it would be fun to include something for the table that children would find humorous and could make on their own.  These whimsical cow napkin covers turn a child's place-setting into something playful and cheerful as well as functional for all of those dribbles and sticky fingers. Underneath this adorable smiling cow is a napkin folded to form the face shape of the cow and its cute ears and it becomes ready to use in a instant.

Don't forget to sample some homemade pumpkin mini donuts covered in cinnamon sugar and served with some vanilla-cinnamon whipped cream.  These moist donuts are a favorite with adults and go well with a fresh cup of robust coffee.

Maybe some milk chocolate and white chocolate sheep pops would bring a smile to everyone who love farm animals?

How could the day get any better?

So circle your calendar and come visit the Manitowoc Breakfast on the Farm.  It will be a day to remember!