Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mini Pants (or Breeches) Napkin Fold Tutorial

In my opinion this napkin fold is one of the most adorable I have done thus far for my tablesettings.  These mini pants or "breeches" as I call them are perfect for various tablescape themes, such as a summer beach theme or a children's theme.  In my previous post, Life's Simplicity -- A Laundry Line Tablescape,  I used these cute little breeches complete with tiny clothespins for a tablescape which celebrates the nostalgic times of yesteryear's wash day.  If you missed the post, you can view it by clicking here:  Life's Simplicity--A Laundry Line Tablescape.

This post is a tutorial of how to fold this sweet, little napkin.  It is a bit more involved than some folded napkins, but, hopefully, my pictures will make it easier than when I learned to do it.  Lets give it a try.

Once again, pick a square napkin made of stiff fabric that will hold a fold.  I am using a solid color napkin to make the picture of each fold clear and easy to see, but the napkin is even more adorable when there is a print.  For summer, it may be fun to use a bold, floral Hawaiian print napkin which could be surrounded with snap shots of various vacation trips.   Or a white lacy napkin could be used and the bottom of each leg could be tied with a colorful ribbon that could convert them into Victorian bloomers/undergarments.  With a little imagination, it is endless.

So lets get to work.....

Step 1.   Open the napkin so that it lays flat in front of you.

 Step 2.  Fold the napkin in half, folding the bottom edge of the napkin to the top edge of the napkin.

Step 3.  Fold the bottom edge of the napkin to the center.

 Step 4.  Fold the top of the napkin to the center.

Step 5.  Now turn the napkin so that it is vertical.

Step 6.  Fold the napkin in half, folding the bottom edge of the napkin to the top edge.

Step 7.  With the napkin folded in step 6 and turned so the folded edge is at the top, pinch the folded edge in from both sides to form a triangle on the inside and a point on the outside.

Here is a side view too.

 Step 8.  The next several steps are a bit tricky, but, hopefully, the pictures will be helpful.   Now with the point at the top, hold the "point" of the napkin and flip the top layer of the napkin up but not beyond the "triangle" underneath or the area you are holding down.

Step 9.  Now with the top layer flipped up, hold it down while you flip the bottom layer under so the edges of the napkin meet and the many folds, including the "triangle" is showing in the center.

Step 10.  While holding everything in place, carefully fold open one side of the napkin so that the right side is folded over to the left side of the napkin. (Like turning a page of a book. Hopefully, the picture will help with this step.)  Do the other side of the pants too.

Below is a picture of one side of the top of the napkin which now shows the new sides brought together and the triangle fold sandwiched in between.

Step 11.  You should now see the completed pants.  Make any small adjustments but be sure to keep the folds intact.  Add some mini clothes pins or any other embellishments and place it on your table.  Your mini pants/breeches are finished!

Or for those of us who remember bell bottom pants......

You bet your breeches this napkin fold is fun! 
 Happy folding!

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  1. How cute that napkin fold is. I really like your recipe book slide show too. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!