Monday, December 7, 2015

Pine Cones and Holly

What do you begin with to prepare for the Christmas season?  Do you begin with decorating your tree?  Do you decorate the exterior of your home with lights, greenery or figurines?   Do you select a theme for your decorating?

Now that the museum work is done, I can begin to work on setting up some Christmas decor at home. I begin the Christmas season by setting the table and everything else seems to follow.  This year's theme will be Pine Cones and Holly.

Since this year's tablesetting is absent of Santa Claus, elves, Christmas trees or snowmen, I can keep the table set a little longer through the season with just winter accents like pine cones and holly.  (I always seem to stretch the holiday festivities right into the beginning of February anyway.)

I think you would agree, choosing a Christmas theme for the tree, table or decor accents each year is some times difficult.  I love everything surrounding the holiday and love the option of having something different from year to year, therefore, making it a challenge to come up with a new look with a limited budget.  (I would be curious to know whether anyone changes out their tree each year?)  This change of themes has allowed me the chance to display everything from a soft, romantic Victorian tree,  a snow and ice tree, a rustic woodland tree and a bright, whimsical lime green and red tree.  The challenge to one's imagination and creativity is there with each kind of tree.

As you can see the following Ralph Lauren pine cones and holly tablecloth is the inspiration piece to this year's theme and has dominate colors of burgundy, olive green, brown and creams.    Perfect colors for the kind of dishes that I already have in my collection.

Lets look a little closer.

The carved reindeer statues make for a simple but beautiful centerpiece.  It does not distract from the beauty of the tablecloth.

I think only my dear blog friends can fully understand how thrilled I was when I folded my burgundy napkin into this cute little Christmas tree.  (Thank God for fellow tablescapers who lovingly support my unique passion since there are some who don't quite understand how I get so excited over dinnerware and table linens.)

The burgundy stocking hung on the back of the chairs will be filled with little gifts and goodies as we approach the Christmas holiday.

This picture might look a little more like Christmas if there was snow outside in the background.  In all honesty, I seem to be enjoying the mild Wisconsin weather with no snow, but I know it will evidently come our way.

There was a cute little posting in Facebook the other day which sums up how I and many others feel about Christmas and the opportunity to decorate to share the joy and cheer.  It is:

The magic of Christmas is part of my secret for trying to stay young at heart.   Enjoy your opportunity to decorate and make others happy.   

Hugs to all,



  1. Beautiful table, Marsha! How nice that you have this beautiful room with the view to outdoors! My daughter just asked me if I knew how to do a Christmas tree fold, so I am going to look for a you tube video:) Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Marsha, you're so smart to decorate with something you can leave out after the holidays! Your tablescape is beautiful and I love your napkin fold! Please show me how to do that!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. I LOVE your napkin fold, it's adorable!! You will easily be able to transition this into winter after Christmas and enjoy it for weeks. The outdoor theme is perfect in your window filled room! Happy holidays,

  4. I have never seen a napkin folded like a Christmas tree! How fun is that?! What a nice area to sit and have a meal and enjoy the view! Your Christmas table is beautiful. I agree, only my internet friends understand why I need to have multiple sets of China and napkin rings and linens... Because setting a pretty table is fun!

  5. Love the napkin and the view from your dining room is gorgeous!

  6. Oh Marsha - I do love your table. Perfect colors. Perfect dinnerware.And I understand the "thrill" of setting a table. Needless to say, both Pat and I are the dingy kind that change out the Christmas tree each year with a different theme/color. I am blessed to have a huge room above the garage to store all my decorating junk and some tablescaping supplies (and some of Pat's, too.) Hope you get your snow....Katie

  7. Gorgeous. Love your dishes and centerpieces. Those candlesticks are stunning! Gorgeous napkins as well.

  8. So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!