Saturday, September 12, 2015

Its Time to Be a Busy Bee

Autumn is fast approaching and it is time to squeeze in the last of summer time activities, especially outdoor activities since Fall weather may require time spent inside canning and freezing the last of the garden harvest. It may be time to stack outside the winter collection of split firewood.  Most likely a huge pile of cut wood pieces for a long and cold winter.   It may also be the time to bring out all of the beautiful Autumn decorations for inside and outside.  The beautiful orange pumpkins, golden mums, baskets of red and aromatic apples.  Visits to the apple and pumpkins farms are also a must at this time.  There is nothing like having a freezer stored up with frozen pumpkin puree for all of the winter's pumpkin pancake breakfasts and delightful pumpkin sweet breads in the cold winter evenings.

As you can see September can be a busy time before the colors of the leaves change and days get cooler and shorter.  It always reminds me of the saying, "busy as a bee."  So in keeping with that thought, I created this week's tablescape, Its Time To Be a Busy Bee.  So buzz around, say goodbye to summer and welcome in the colorful Autumn.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One Last Summer Stroll Through the Garden

I must admit that summer is starting to slip away.  Although you would have never known it this Labor Day weekend with the hot and humid beach weather here in Wisconsin.

As I promised in my earlier post, Celebrating Garden Beauty--A Garden Tea Tablescape, I am now going to take you through the entire West of the Lake Gardens located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  With the high humidity levels this holiday weekend, the trip to the Gardens, which are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, was a very pleasant escape from the unbearable heat.  I wish to thank my sweet daughter, Morgan, who was in town visiting us for the extended weekend, for taking some of the lovely pictures too.

So without more of my lengthy writing, grab your cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine and lets take that last slow summer stroll through the West of the Lake Gardens.