Saturday, August 22, 2015

Strutting His Stuff--My Love for the Peacock

I think most everyone would agree that the blue Indian male peacock is one the three species of peafowl that is among the most beautiful creatures on the planet.  It is hard to comprehend how the peacock's feathers glitter with an iridescent glow.  The colors of olive/emerald green, aqua, brown, red/orange and cobalt blue in the "eye" of its tail is mysterious as it is glamorous.  The peacock which once symbolized immortality by Ancient Greeks was also later embraced by early Christians.  It was believed that the eyes in its feathers symbolizes the eye of God who watches over his kingdom and people.  The peacock is also the national bird of India.  In honor of this beautiful peafowl, this week's post includes a peacock tablescape.  

The fan shaped folded aqua napkin mirrors that of the peacock tail or also known as a train.  It's train fans out to attract or court the harem of female peahens (any where between 2-5 females.)  The total length of the peacock with its train can be up to 5 feet and the train itself makes up 60% of the peacock.

If you look close at the wine glass, it has the pattern of the peacock's train.  I fell in love with the two-tone colors of aqua and emerald green.

There are such rich vivid colors in the "eye" of the feather in each salad plate.  The stunning iridescent colors shimmer with the light.   In nature, the more beautiful the train or tail in size, quality and color, the better the chance for the male peacock to mate with the peahen.  Talk about strutting his stuff to ensure a date with the girls!  (Although I had to use substitute feathers in my tablescape until I find the real ones, the salad plates represent a close match to the brilliant and stunning plumage instead.)

On clearance at Hobby Lobby, these two matted pictures of peacocks were a lucky find.  I was able to recently frame each of them.

And last ......for a real can see the spectacular floral peacock in the Dubai Miracle Gardens.  The floral peacock is just a few of the beautiful displays at the garden.  Take a moment to appreciate them all.  Just click on the link below to take you to the website.

 Click here to visit the website:    Dubai Miracle Garden

Enjoy and thank you for visiting.