Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fourth of July Breakfast Picnic

First off, I wish to say a warm thank you to Sherry from No Minimalist Here blog site for informing me that I became a featured blog in the Share Your Style Blog Party on June 11th.  I am grateful and very humbled.  My Breakfast on the Farm post was an absolute joy to put together.   I hope it was fun and pleasurable for those who read my post as it was for me to create it.  Remember, there are other counties in Wisconsin that participate in Breakfast on the Farm during various times throughout the month of June.  So anyone visiting Wisconsin during this month and interested in any of these farm events can check the various locations and dates on the Dairy Days of Summer website at:

At this time of the year with June in full swing and setting the stage for the start of summer activities, like most people, I spend a moment thinking about the various possibilities.  One of the activities I love the most in summer is having more opportunities to picnic outside.  (Of course, as a Wisconsinite, I can say this because we have way too long of winters that keep us indoors much longer than sanely desired.)  At the beginning of every glorious summer, I top my summer list  of plans with a commitment to take advantage of every opportunity to picnic outside, including a breakfast picnic.  What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to leisurely dine outside as often as possible, including a quiet, relaxing breakfast, especially one to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

So before family and friends come to visit or before the parade and fireworks, indulge in a quiet moment for yourself.  The pictures of our Fourth of July breakfast picnic below may help spark some of your own creative summer planning ideas.

 A yummy cheese and ham casserole and cool refreshing watermelon.

Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Those muffins go well with some blueberry-lemon iced tea.  The tea, which was sent to me from my daughter, came from a little tea shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It makes a perfect iced tea.

Or, if you prefer, an iced butter rum coffee with vanilla sweetened whipped cream and red, white and blue sprinkles.

And some fresh sweet cherries. 

So lets grab the food tray and go outside to feel the morning breeze, warmth of the sun and to hear a occasional "moo" or two from our nearby neighbors (cows).