Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Contemporary Animal Print Tablescape 2015

Since Easter is a bit away, I thought it might be fun to put together a tablesetting using my usual black, but also a leopard print.  I had found a leopard print table runner year's ago at Hobby Lobby which was drastically reduced in price and I purchased it and stored it away for a future tablesetting challenge.  Well it was time to put it to good use.  However, this pattern was out of my comfort zone.  What color, patterns and textures could I possibly use with it?  I had to dig really deep inside to find some creative thoughts on this one.  What better way to begin is by bringing out some of the neutral items I had on hand, such as a white tablecloth, napkins and, of course, my basic black items such as the black placemats, stemware etc.

Well, black and white seems to represent a contemporary style to me, so out came the mirrors, the cylinder candle holders and clear crystal votive holders and apothecary jar.  So now the question remained, what accent color to use?  It was rather simple....moss/avocado green.  It happened to be what I had a lot of in my collection.  I love the moss/avocado green Indiana glassware and wood plate chargers that I happen to find at a really nice thrift/antique store.  I get so much usage with these glasses and for so little cost.

It is amazing what just one table runner can do for the entire look of the table.   Now you can tell me if I lived up to that challenge.

Here are some evening photos:

And some day time photos:

Thank you for visiting.  Stop by again and I will post more details under Frugal Frittering about making this paper rose from music sheets.  Super easy and delightfully inexpensive and could make a great place card holder.