Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Fun

I love Autumn.  I think it is time to bring out the pumpkins, scarecrows, and Halloween decor.  I thought I would share a picture of my whimsical scarecrow which is perched outside our front door.  Now it is time to make pumpkin butter and drink some warm apple cider!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rahr West Art of Tablesetting 2014-Spring Rain Tablescape Theme

I waited all year for this event!  This year I created "Spring Rain" tablescape at the Rahr Art Museum.  I am glad the framed art worked with this theme since I am in need of more art work for the exhibit in the future.  Having this framed picture seemed to work with the colors in the tablescape, so I was lucky to put it all together.  The raindrop chandelier crystals hung with clear wire over the table truly makes it look like rain.    Come see the exhibit.  It begins October 5, 2014 and runs until October 26, 2014.  Enjoy!

Bright and Sunny Autumn Tablescape

It is now October and summer is over.  The leaves are changing quickly on the trees, the garden harvest is coming to an end with only the need to pick and can the sweet, red beets and the variety of apples are now available at the orchards.  Pumpkins are everywhere and they make the perfect part of a tablescape.  This Fall I am able to use some pumpkin plates I picked up on clearance last year.  They are bright, cheery and whimsical.  The pie pumpkins on the table will eventually be processed for puree to be used in pies or pumpkin bread.  Yum!  So I hope you will enjoy this time of year as much as I do.