Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter 2014 Tablescape

Even though Spring as not yet arrived, I thought I would create my own Spring excitement and anticipation by putting together my Easter 2014 tablescape which includes my blue and yellow theme.  Since I found the whimsical ducks at a resale shop for $2 each, I fell in love with their playful look/position.  It almost looks like they are delightfully splashing each other in water.  It is what inspired me to use the blue theme.  I would love to add some checkered yellow handle flatware to this.  These pieces are the bare bones of this tablescape.  I  am still in search for anything that might embellish it even further.  I know my finishing touches will be the cute yellow marshmallow Beeps.  What is Easter without the Beeps?   Happy Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny will be good to all of you.  (Chocolate bunny--yum!)