Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ladies Spa Night Tablescape

Need a bit of pampering?  It is time to take a moment from a busy summer schedule to have some fun, laughter and rejuvenate the spirits.  Come share in our Ladies Spa Night get together and get ready to find some relaxation, great humor and an all-around good time.

So kick off your sandals or high heels, sit down at the ladies fashion-themed table and help yourself to some cotton candy champagne....the food, the big band music and party is about to begin.

We can't be without high heels and fashion handbags when there is a special gathering for the ladies.

Some red roses and feathers add a symbol of what women cherish dearly, that

Some glamorous high heels and handbags make these appetizer plates perfect for a party for classy ladies.

A little added bling to a classic handbag.

Some red lace napkins and red Chinese silk "monkey paw" knot napkin rings make a dramatic statement.  Women's fashion designers say that the color red is a color which is attractive and flattering to all women no matter her hair and skin color.  (So bring on the luscious red lipstick too.)

The color red and polka dots are found everywhere and even in the details.

As a party gift, each lady will take home a Spa Night fashion handbag made of a new red and a new grey folded washcloth, secured with a polka dot ribbon and weighted with a bar of exotic soap for her own indulgence at home.

Lets start the get together with an appetizer which is appropriate for the night.  A bold and spicy flavored cheese appetizer in the shape of a woman's face smothered with guacamole as a facial mask and topped with soothing, cool cucumber slices which, in reality, helps to eliminate puffiness of the eyes.

A Cheesy Tomato Garlic Pasta Casserole, a dish which suggests love and romance, is a favorite among friends who have a love affair with pasta.  This tomato pasta dish is loaded with flavorful Italian spices, cheeses, garlic, Italian sausage and roasted red pepper.   This hearty meal is joined with some mini garlic bread on a stick and is served in a quirky black and white striped/lime green floral vase (definitely, a vase that gets noticed) and accompanied with a tray of fresh vegetables and dressing.

A cool, fresh, fruit salad tossed with a bold and flavorful lemon poppyseed dressing makes for a perfect summer side dish.

And who can refuse a high heel shoe cupcake for dessert?  I can't resist the flashy polka-dots, can you?

Of course, to bring this party and post to a fabulous and memorable close, I thought you all might enjoy seeing this awesome video I came across on a social media page.  It is the making of three different chocolate high heel styles from the Norman Love Confectionary in Fort Myers, Florida.  I am in love with the black high heel with the red sole and with the little toe embellishment.  Such a classic. Having been inspired by his wife, Norman Love created these decadent high heels and has been making these smooth and rich chocolate high heels for well over ten years. You can visit their website at for more information and view their delicious products. (I am not paid for this endorsement, but I happen to absolutely love chocolate.)

Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers, Florida

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Art----In Every Day Places

I am sure there are times, especially now a days when life seems to get busier at each passing moment, when we all wonder how could the day seem to have slipped by all so quickly without much of a chance for relaxation and pleasure.  Even when we are in the time of year like summer, which is noted for its leisure and slow-pace, the day can be filled up with getting things done, whether it is in your work life or family life, the responsibilities on the to-do list are often long and continuous.  So when it comes time to the fun to-do list such as taking weekend trips, attending city festivals and parades, participating in tours to gardens, historical places, zoos or art museums, it might be one of those things that is not as easy to check off as accomplished.

Of course, this leads me to my point regarding art in every day places.  I can honestly say that I am very grateful for the fact that when I do not have the opportunity to visit any museums, galleries or art fairs, I can still enjoy creative and talented art work just by taking a drive or a walk.  The following pictures of various pieces of street art were those taken in three different cities in two different states.  The art found along Lake Michigan is in Wisconsin and the others are from Golden and Fort Collins, Colorado.  So whether I am at home in Wisconsin or visiting family in Colorado, these pieces are there to enjoy even when I cannot make a planned visit to the museum.

Therefore, this week's post is about something other than a new tablescape design.  It is about a form of sidewalk art that is available to everyone even at our busiest moments.  I hope by sharing these pictures with you that you will enjoy them too.

Wisconsin Lakefront Art:

This next picture is of the adorable little free library located along the lakefront trail.  This bright yellow library set up for exchanging books is one which is both art and function.  While taking a walk along the lakefront, this free library is available to anyone who would like to help themselves to any book at no cost or at the exchange of another book of their own while they are enjoying the serene, tranquil setting at the beach.

The following two pictures of art have a practical element to them.  Both of these colorful metal structures serve as bicycle racks where cyclists can lock up their bikes when they need a place to leave them.

Sidewalk Art from Golden and Fort Collins. Colorado:

Some of my most favorite sidewalk art are those that come from Golden, Colorado and Fort Collins, Colorado.   I could not put down my camera for one minute.

Where might you find art in every day places?  Thank you for visiting.