Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorating the Mansion- Part 2- Christmas in the Mansion at the Rahr

I hope everyone had a wonderful and cheerful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends.  Now that the last of the turkey is being used up as leftovers, are you beginning to feel the thrill and anticipation of Christmas? 

The opening of the Christmas in the Mansion display at the Rahr Art Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin kicked off the Christmas holiday season according to my schedule and for those whose schedule permitted a visit to the museum after the city parade on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  If you happen to miss my previous article, "A Sneak Peek at Christmas in the Mansion 2015" which featured the tree and decorations in the doll room at the Rahr Art Museum before the official opening of the display, you can catch the article here:  Part 1-A Sneak Peek at Christmas in the Mansion. 

Since I promised those friends who read my article that I would also feature some of the remaining artists in this week's posting, I will keep any further writing to a minimum and let the following pictures speak for themselves.  Each year when I visit the museum when the Christmas display is opened to the public, I am always amazed at the unique twist on decorating from year to year.  Let me say that while there are several professional florists involved in the decorating of the mansion, there are also other volunteers like myself who are not.  I really enjoy getting a "heads-up" from the professional florists as to what is the yearly trend in Christmas colors and decorating.  They truly inspire the creativity in all of us. 

So grab a cup of peppermint hot chocolate,  a warm cozy blanket and enjoy the pictures that are truly enchanting as they are magical.  At the same time, let the joy and blessedness of the start of the Christmas season bring happiness and peace to your busy planning, preparations and upcoming holiday celebrations.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Sneak Peek - Christmas in the Mansion 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

As we busy ourselves with all of the preparations that go into the Thanksgiving holiday and the joyous celebration with family and friends, it is also a time for me to participate in designing and decorating of the Rahr Art Museum for their Christmas in the Mansion 2015 display.   This year's display will begin on November 25, 2015 and run through January 3, 2016 and as always it is free admission.

This year I am honored to have had the opportunity to decorate the Doll Room in cooperation with a very talented woman, Kay, who I recently met in September at a Christmas supply sale.  (I do believe God plans these chance meetings since I soon learned while we stood together in a long checkout line at the sale that she had hoped to participate in the Christmas in the Mansion display but was turned down due to the number of participants.)  As she conveyed her disappointment while our endless line moved inch by inch to the checkout, I explained to her that I was one of the participants and asked her what it was that she wanted to do at the museum.  To my surprise, she told me she designs and builds doll house rooms that are displayed in extreme detail in clear "boxes" or rooms.  Right then and there, I knew it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to work together.  I explained that I had planned on designing a Country Christmas tree for the museum and that her doll house rooms would be a perfect accent to the tree and the theme.   I took her phone number and told her I would check with the museum and if there was a chance that we could combine our talents, I would be in contact with her in November when it came time to begin the work for the display.

Presently, with the approval of the museum, Kay and I have worked diligently the last two weeks to combine our time, talents and her beautifully detailed doll house rooms into a decorated room which reflects our theme entitled  "Granny's Country Christmas."  The longer description for this room which will also be on display is as follows:

Granny's Country Christmas

Cherished childhood memories of many a Christmas past affectionately come to life as homespun holiday ornaments are nostalgically retrieved  from Granny’s farmhouse attic.

Rustic burlap and shiny, red apples lovingly adorn the tree reflecting the simple charm of rural living of yesteryear.

What were once heartwarming toys to bright and cheerful children now is all that remains from a lifetime of treasured family moments. 

Come and shed a happy tear or two as we fondly reminisce time celebrating Granny’s Country Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures as a sneak peek before the opening of the Christmas in the Mansion display.  Join me next week too when I will have more pictures of the other rooms and the beautiful artistry that goes into the Christmas tree designs.  

Please notice her sign which indicates it is Raggedy Ann's 100th birthday.  To the left of the shop is a written page on the history of Raggedy Ann and Andy.   Such incredible details in this little shop.  Absolutely adorable!


More of Kay's tiny rooms.  In each glass case are even smaller pieces.  Perhaps when I return to the museum, I could capture more close up photos of these tiny works of art.  In the breadbox is a tiny country kitchen with the old wood burning stove and a wringer washing machine.  

Granny's tea, eye glasses and cookbook.  Always a moment to plan which cookies will be in the cookie exchange.

Burlap, shiny red apples, red and white gingham bows and dried hydrangeas captures the vintage country life.

I hope you enjoyed the preview.  Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.